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Eso sí que es.


At least one girl is growing up in this house.  Birthday shopping is done and amazingly, birthday knitting is, too.  Which is saying a lot, since Josh’s birthday socks were something around…4-5 months late?

Generic and short. JUST LIKE ME.

He’s still happy and didn’t care that they were late. He wears them all the time because he’s secretly a really sweet little guy.

Now, Josh is a boy through and through.  When I ask for a picture, he will smile, but he rarely poses unless I ask him to.  In a fighting stance.  But out of nowhere, the girl has decided she likes to stand “the nice way” when I take her picture.  What. The. Hell.

AND she wrote her name on her name tag all by herself.

Seriously? Could she *be* any more girly? How is this girl mine?

The yarn is Yarn Bee in Apple Blossom and it makes for a great, thick sock.  I have it in an apple green and an icy blue which will be some stripey knee high socks for me.  Maybe.  We’ll see.  I like tweedy yarns.  Robin picked the yarn and it is really perfect for her:

Very gated.  I actually unraveled and re-knit after this picture.  1/2 inch length makes a big difference.

Socks for Mary Janes. Cute pattern but not very visible in this yarn. Oops. Click the picture for pattern.

Now, socks are a birthday tradition and doesn’t get counted as a gift.  It’s not a secret and the kids pick their yarn and I regularly fit the socks on them while knitting.  When I saw these ears and tail, I knew she’d love them, so I was eager to get started.  I finished this weekend:

I felt like a super genius when I put the bookshelf on the armoire. Doesn’t take much. Derp.

In case you were wondering, my leg is named Lorraine.  My head sadly has no name.  Right now I’ve got one a Christmas sock done for Josh and a bunch of swatches going.  They might even grow up to be something one day!  Yay!

What’s Up


So much as been going on.  Let’s start with my radio silence: I got into a bar fight on Sunday.  The bar won.

It will be clean, you know, eventually.

You see those bars that are taped together?  Yeah, I got beaned in the head with the two big ones that are on the floor.  They are the iron canopy bars that go with the bed.  I don’t really know how it happened other than I knocked them when trying to get into the closet.  I had wicked bad headache and nausea afterwards, but it went away. And then it came back.  And then I got dizzy.  And then I had a shitload of nightmares that night.  Monday came and I still had dizziness and extreme tiredness and general loopy-ness.  So off to the emergency room I went!

Just as I always suspected!

Actually, I got a CT scan, not an x-ray.  My very first one!  Everything normal other than the fact that I had a concussion.  Did you know that you can have concussion symptoms for weeks?  GREAT.

In other news, I’ve made some progress on my most recent project:

Two layers of sweatshirt plus batting. Thank goodness it's 80 degrees today.

I wanted to machine quilt this, but the seams were just way too thick for the needles I had. 4 layers of sweatshirt plus batting at the seams just wasn’t going to happen.  So I’m hand quilting it.

Six threads of embroidery floss. I think this worked out better anyway.

I am actually having to put this project on hold right now because Josh’s birthday is coming soon and I haven’t started birthday socks yet.  For shame, Mom!

Knit Picks Stroll Hand Painted Sock Yarn in Tiger colorway.

He’s so big cat crazy that he will love it, I’m sure.  52 stitches around in k2, p2 ribbing.  He’s still so skinny and little, but his feet are SO LONG.  One of these days, my children won’t be so little and won’t be excited about hand knits, so I had better take advantage while I can.  Every time I break out any yarn the first question from the kids are “who is that for?!”.  Can we freeze this feeling?  :)

Yellow? Are you there? Yellow?


Well fuck a duck.  I have a problem.

I don't have *that* kind of problem. With ducks, anyway.

On my annual Christmas yarn splurge, I bought two hanks of Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Tonal in Golden Glow because it’s So. Freaking. Pretty:

I still love it! And now it's being discontinued??

I had a few ideas, but ultimately, all I think about is looking like a big, fat, yellow…thing.

What is this guy? Anyway, I'd look like him.

I think it’s going to have to sit until I can tone it down with some charcoal gray or something.  Yellow is best used as an accent rather than a head to toe cloak, not that I was ever planning on doing that in first place.  Now now, anyway.

I queued this in October 2008 and this yarn is the perfect color.  But I’m not really a yellow kind of girl.  Okay, I’m “yellow” in the racist sense but you know what I mean.  I spend my life trying to hide and blend in.  The easy thing would be to forget about this and make little sweaters or cardigans for the kids who by default of age and innocence are totally sunny, yellow kind of kids.  But let’s be serious, I am selfish beyond belief.  And maybe NOT being a yellow kind of person is part of my problem.  Maybe I should just be a bit more outgoing with big punch of yellow.

Or, I would be that girl that everyone knows as “that girl with the big stupid yellow scarf”.

Still undecided.  My concerns over yellow are based solely on the color yellow itself, and not  this unbelievable piece of racist bull shit by some fuckface from Michigan.  I was questioning yellow before anyone questioned yellow.

I'm the original yellow hipster.