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lurking girl


Once upon a time, I was working at Wal-Mart with my bestest friend Molly and we were on the “set up” team. Basically, we got to help set up the new supercenter: building displays, setting up zillion pound metal shelves and gondolas, and working extremely long hours. Many things came from this (other than our awesome friendship) such as Mr. Bones and the Abduction of Mr. Bones, Captain Obvious, Hot Bitch Boy and Lurking Girl. We have to really like someone to actually be bothered to remember them by their name.

Lurking Girl was a new hire that was helping with the set up and she was very quiet and lurky, hence the name Lurking Girl. We became friends with her but neither of us can remember her name. One thing I do remember is that she was married to a guy that looked like the guy from Eve 6. He also looked a bit scowly and we imagined that he was a wife beater.

The red haired wife beater on the left

We had a lot of time on our hands back then.

I was thinking about Lurking Girl because I have turned into an online Lurking Girl. I read blogs out the wazoo and always want to comment, join the party, be a part of the group, etc, but I always feel like too big of a dork. And then I found this picture online when I looked up “lurking girl” and I had to share:

It’s funny because it’s true!

That was kind of a long story just to show you a picture of a fat girl.

Wu Tang Clan goes Wholesale


Well, now we know what happened to the Wu of Wu Tang Clan:

I can’t help but chuckle a little bit every time I see this. Is it laughter in the face of residual fear from working at Wal-Mart for all those years? Is it the semi disgust of knowing that this company is trying to ride the Capitalistic coat tails of Wal-Mart?

I just think Wu is funny. Wu Wu!