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Rewind: Summer Vacation


Instead of spewing my annoyance for all the garbage I’m mired in today, I’m going to write my report on “What I Did on My Summer Vacation”.

It was the kids’ first vacation, so they were excited and really and truly had a good time.  I’m the worst about going on vacation because it stresses me out.  I’m a planner, and it annoys me when my greatest laid plans go awry.  One thing I did discover is that I can still parallel park like a CHAMP and I should carry a compass with me no matter where I go.  I’m easily turned around and can walk for blocks before realizing it.  Niiiice.

The pictures I posted earlier were spot on, except the master bedroom did have a king sized bed, not some shitty queen sized bed for ants.   Having 4 bedrooms is crazy pants.  The full kitchen came in handy for not eating out for every meal and there is seriously so. much. room. for. activities.  The best part for me was the little steps to get into the bed.  I’m short and after long, hot days of walking my bum knee was pretty much worthless.  PRO TIP:  Don’t eat chocolate covered pretzels in your vacation bed.  Or any bed for that matter:

That was our tip envelope. We also left them some fancy ice cream in the freezer.

Much like my last vacation to Savannah, I couldn’t get a dolphin picture to save my life.  This was the best I could do:

There were SO many and SO close. I’m the shittiest of the shitty photographers.  I have better Bigfoot pictures than this.

We went with Captain Mike’s this time and saved so much money.  Lower cost and better tour than the one you can get on River Street.  We followed shrimping boats, so the dolphin were plentiful and happy–we even saw babies!   JUMPING DOLPHIN BABIES OMG.  Everyone seems to love the restaurant that’s at the dock, but we went on a shitty day.  As in our waitress was awful (didn’t put our order in, so three tables that were seated after we got food before we did), and the cook was awful (how do you not know how to cook seafood when your restaurant is right on the ocean?)

One nerdy little place that I love is the Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum.  That’s where I bought my copy of Tough Boris last time and this time we picked up a copy of Stories of Mermaids, amongst other goodies.  The best pictures of the kids were taken there:

Nothing I can put here would enhance this picture.


The Pirates’ House was by far the best dining we had on our trip.  It was good food at inflated touristy prices.  Everywhere else was inflated touristy pricing and mediocre food. AND, believe it or not, they had PIRATES:

Pirates? At The Pirate’s House? Get out of the city!

Oh, and the manager in the gift shop recognized my old school Penny Arcade shirt, so +1 for him.   We did other touristy things, but I didn’t get a chance to hit the Moon River Brewery and I had no desire to got over to Paula Deen’s (good food but pricey and annoying hot outdoor waiting).  Oh, and I forgot to share this:

Tiny, tiny adorable crabs!  Seriously, they’re so cute and little.



Trying New (Old) Things, part 1


Last year was one of, if not the most, difficult year of my life, hands down.  For whatever reason (hope?  stupidity? naivety?) I thought that by sheer force of will this year would just magically be better.  It didn’t quite turn out that way.

“It’s the same old story of love and glory that broke before it bent”

Without barfing up all the details here, I’ll just say that sometimes everything has to fall apart before they can get better.  That happens, right?  Things can get better if they fall all to shit?  I’m trying to think of a good example and everything escapes me.  I’m going to assume that it’s because I’m dumb and can’t think of anything good to say rather than think there is no appropriate metaphor.

So much to look forward to.

We’re trying.  We’re trying to try.  You can’t just not try, right?  I swing between hope and despair, progress and futility.  I wish there was a way to set yourself on fire and burn away the past.  I am fully willing to admit that I am a total shit when it comes to letting things go.  I have to try very, very hard to lock that shit away.  Put that thought, that emotion, that feeling in a tiny box.  Lock it.  Put it in a windowless room in the tower of a fortress.  Brick that the fuck up.  Encase it in iron.  Shoot it into space.

I try, you know?  I really do, but it takes nothing to break that shit open.  I’m not very good at this game, apparently.  Having said all that, things have been changing all around me.  The world continues to spin and continually reminds me that I am easily forgotten.

Last weekend was the first time in 2+ years that the Mr. and I had gone out together without the kids.  Next week we are vacationing as a family to Savannah, GA.  It’s been seven years since we were there on our first and last vacation.  He will start a new job in a couple of weeks so that he will actually have an opportunity to be with his family.

I hope this vacation will be good.  At best, it will a fresh start for us all.  At worst…it won’t be.  I’d rather not think about that.

Ignoring all of those thoughts, I’m nerdy excited about staying at the Savannah Bed and Breakfast Inn in the Sgt. Jasper House:

Parlor/Sitting Room. I’m confident I can sneak out most of the furniture.  I can Tetris that shit into my car.

Kids get their own room!

Or, they could share a whole OTHER room. Crazy pants.

Master bedroom with a queen sized bed. For ants. I would have preferred a King, of course.  Because I’m spoiled.

I’m not going to lie, I’m slightly paranoid because it feels like we’re getting a SUPER GREAT DEAL.  It’s $30 more dollars per night than the (single, kind of shitty) hotel room we stayed in seven years ago.  We’ll board the dog.  Skip Tae Kwon Do for a week.  Let the kids stay up later than they should and have cookies and milk before bed.

Let me tell you something, my friend. Hope is a dangerous thing. Hope can drive a man insane.

Here’s to hope.






So many things have been going on recently that I just had to get away or freaking lose it. So I basically made two friends go with me on an impromptu trip. To Istanbul. Did you know that Istanbul is a 15 hour trip from Atlanta, GA? It was a long and weary trip, but it was worth it once we got there.

In my mind.

Truthfully, I was mad at something that I don’t even remember now. I was frustrated with my life and my daily drudgery. Nothing specific, just work, kids, home, etc. And a casual comment on Facebook turned into a social experiment with non-consenting participants. Here is what I’ve found:

-My friends think I have more money than I do.
-My friends think I can just pick up and leave the country on a whim.
-My friends think I’m more awesome than I am.
-Everyone wants to believe because everyone wants to live vicariously.

I have a lot of travelers in my life and a lot of friends that I would call “international”. Which kind of made my fake vacation even better. They all made me feel like I was really going. Everyone was excited. Everyone recalled their trips to Istanbul and wished me well. It was a great feeling and a wonderful escape for someone who had little to no other outlet.

It also made me feel a little bit sad and pathetic, but I got over that. I had fun, and hopefully, no one will be too mad that I didn’t go. There was no maliciousness, no goal to dupe people. When I finally told one of my friends, she said it was “typical” of my mind and behavior, not to mention my humor.

Here are a few sights from my trip:

Turkish coffee

The yarn I would have bought at Kurkcu Han.

Some guy selling something on the streets of Istanbul.

I detailed our adventures in Istanbul in the pictures I posted on Facebook. There were no old women in blankets or shawls holding babies, unlike Jay Oakerson’s trips around the world:
Jay Oakerson – Travel
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For the record, my vacation did me a lot of good. I feel much better now. More pictures and comments can be found here.