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post partum party


Pity Party.

I am homesick for Texas.

Wish I was back in Texas,
The ocean’s no place for a squirrel,
Wish I was in Texas,
Prettiest place in the world, oh no.
I guess deep in my heart I’ll always be a Texas girl
I wanna go hommmme hooommmmmme hommme oh oh
Yoldle ay e oh, yodle ay e oh, yodle ay e oh, a lay-ee, a lay-ee.
I wanna wake up in Texas
I miss those wide open skies.
I miss my 20 acres, bar-b-ques,
And pecan pies, oh why?
When I’m so far from you, Texas, all I can do-o is cry.
I wanna go ho-oome,
Ho-oome, I wanna go ho-ome!

I want to go home. I can’t believe it’s been *8* years. sniff

UPDATE:  They pulled the video.  Booooooo

Long ago


Long ago, but not so long ago that I can’t remember, I had my very first apartment on Ederville in Fort Worth. East Fort Worth. Police helicopters and policemen saying that I can’t come outside right now Fort Worth.

Anyway, I was super poor back then and whenever I’m feeling that way again, I look at this picture to remember that I’m really not doing so bad after all:

And the neighbors had bugs, therefore I had bugs so that’s why my cereal is in the fridge.



Once upon a time (2000), in a land far, far away (Texas), there lived a beautiful doll’s head named Remen. Sadly, after many travels across many lands, Remen wilted away and was never seen again (she disintergrated).

Fast forward to 2006…

REMEN LIVES??? A decendant? A sister? Perhaps… a clone?????