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Pikachu is watching you


So during my stay in the hospital, specifically, the labor and delivery room, I was for the most part on my back. Flat on my back. With no remote. And with pregnancy induced carpel tunnel, I spent a lot of time not reading or doing anything. I did, however, spend a lot of time looking at the ceiling. And I saw this:


This was the best shot I could get with my phone. You know I have issues, but you can’t see how Pikachu’d the ceiling was. There was more to it than this. But holy shit, isn’t this enough??

eye ron


When you lose blood and need to steal someone else’s blood, it’s important to do two things:

1.) Check to make sure you are not a vampire. Are you sparkly/glittery/named Edward? Are you paler than normal? Can you see yourself in the mirror? Must you suddenly avoid The Olive Garden?

2.) Rebuild your iron levels with supplements and food.

Supplements: check.

Iron rich foods: check.

Ramen noodles with meatballs and spinach. Surprisingly no peanut butter.

I’m pretty stupid when it comes to anything else that will give me iron except for liver which is super gross unless it’s duck liver in pâté form. Since I’m eating Ramen, I’m pretty sure duck liver pâté is not on my shopping list right now.

RE: In Response


Okay, so 5 days after my last post I get admitted to the hospital and then I have the baby early on September 26.

No comments are necessary. Ahem.

Pictures to arrive shortly. In the mean time: Postpartum Hemorrhage

Also, when the term massage is used, it’s very misleading. In a really terrible and horrible way.