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ChÜberlist: 2011–April Update


I got a lot more done this month than I thought I would.  First, the good stuff that makes me happy:

19. 5 baby quilts or blankets-one down
45. Do one home repair item per month: replace kitchen faucet-DONE
47. Do one home repair item per month: repair sewer line-DONE
48. (counts as two)-I love that this counts as two; it was a pretty big one.

This may not seem like a lot, but they were pretty big projects.  I’m unbelievably happy that tax season is over.  I am always amazed at the change in the environment in our home after the final deadline has been met.  To be brief: it’s nice.

This made my day!

Pithy in her new home!

Mailed on Saturday and arrived today!  USPS has recently raised their rates one everything other than letters but if this is the result I’m all for it!

I would be totally remiss as an American if I didn’t comment on the big news last night from President Obama.  This pretty much sums it up for me:


May is going to be an exciting month!  We’ll all be busy little bees inside and outside.  Here are my big plans:

11. 5 pairs of baby booties-Must. Crank. Out. Some.
12. 5 baby hats-One or two should be no problem.  Right???
16. Knit three pairs of gift socks. One down, hopefully one more down in May.
20. Sew 5 pj pants for Robin-5 should actually be easy if I can find the time to do it.
21. Sew 5 pj pants for Josh-see #20.
25. Finish Witch cross stitch-almost done.  So much filler!
44. Do one home repair item per month: set mailbox in cement
49. Do one home repair item per month: stain and seal deck
50. (counts as two)
51. Do one home repair item per month: clean up gifted furniture & use or store
69. Read two books out of my library that I’ve never read before-one down, one more to go.  Have been staring at Speaker for the Dead forever so I should open it up.  No better time than now May.

So that’s that.  Other big plans include: getting a tan, getting Josh back into school, not killing our garden seedlings, buying, building and installing a swing set in the back yard.  Like I said, busy bees.



I am the type of person who gets their political views from The Colbert Report (just kidding) and my news from The Onion (just kidding) but seriously, it’s embarrassing when I get news from Cake Wrecks.

As a small business owner, a knitter, a parent and someone who really likes money, this sucks ass cakes. The Consumer Product Improvement Act (CPSIA) could be the death of my up and coming (or at least seriously thought about) business and put hard working entrepeneurs all over the country out of business. Crapass.

Handmade Toy Alliance

Go to The Handmade Toy Alliance and check it out and see what you think. If you feel bad then send me a few bucks to dry my tears.

I am so distressed by this that I actually contacted my Senators and Representatives. And you know how political I am. Um, yah.

blame Molly


Mozzolly commented “i dunno why, but that first picture i thought was Al Gore being silly (for some strange reason). in response to my post about our first female four star general. Well, this is why:


Not so crazy now, are we?