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I’m seriously considering something.  As in, actually taking into consideration.  I think I need to go on a social media fast.  I need to break free.  Hole up.  Quit being baited into caring about things that I shouldn’t.  Case in point: Ahmed Mohamed and the clusterfuck fiasco that followed.  There is plenty out there, Google it and read up if you’re not aware.  I’m angry.

This gif is never not necessary.

I’m angry about this whole thing, top to bottom.

  • that a school would call police rather than parents
  • that the first teacher didn’t diffuse the situation or even hold the clock for the school day to help avoid the situation
  • that a boy who built a clock and maintained that it was nothing more than a clock and never showed it to anyone else but a teacher who could confirm it was a clock was handcuffed “for his own safety and the safety of others” and humiliated
  • that the media twists things around to inspire/enrage society
  • the people said it was completely planned for the President’s agenda
  • that the boy’s dad is a politician from Sudan and maybe it was all planned
  • that social and public outcry is the only thing that gets noticed, but if you have something that needs social and public outcry you are just an attention whore
  • I’ve put way too much time, attention and emotion into this and the ‘news’ in general (because let’s face it, a lot of this is not news

Maybe not a full on social media fast.  Blogs are considered social media, no?  Maybe no Facebook.  Should I start with Facebook and work in Twitter and Imgur?  I hate/love them all.  What if I have a question for a large group of people?  What about my home school groups?  What about blogs?  Comics?  TV news?

I think this sounds like I want to put my head in the sand and not see the ills of the world.  That’s not completely untrue, but for me, I know how I react.  I get angry, I get emotionally involved and frankly, I don’t want to do that.  If you believe in things like energy from emotion and whatnot, I don’t need that kind of energy in my life, let alone my home.  I feel like it turns me into some kind of zealot or an uneducated naive suburbanite.  I simply don’t want the headache of it.  I don’t want the online pissing contests.  I don’t want the distraction.

#seriously #oldlife #4PMdinnerftw

I don’t like that these things bleed into my blog, which is supposed to be a repository of refinement.  Or is it an archive of atrocity?  Whatever it is, it’s not supposed to be this.  I need to figure out how to insulate my emotions without suffocating my reasoning.  I need to think about how to actually do that.

Okay.  Here’s what I’ll do.  My plan for the rest of the year:

Facebook – hide everyone except for home school/educational groups.  This way I can still communicate with my friends but not have to see the shit they post (good or bad)
Twitter – ignore
Imgur – ignore

I’ll still read blogs and comics and Youtube and Netflix.  That’s fair, right?  Those things are for school or for an escape or for both.  I just hope I can do it, because I really feel like I need this.  I worry I’m going to get drawn back into it all because let’s face it, it’s fun and addicting.



I love shrimp.  I had shrimp for dinner just last night and it was delicious.  This, sir, is no shrimp:

Imagine it in your mouth. IMAGINE IT.

After reading this and this I’ve decided to never leave the house again.  I mean, c’mon New Zealand, really?

For the record, I’m not usually squeamish.  I will tell you a story that will give you a minor insight to my childhood:

My two Cocker Spaniels had puppies and they were adorable.  Cocker Spaniels are usually seen with their tails docked (cut off) like this:

Frizz Away would do wonders for you.

Of course, they’re not born that way, they have regular floppy tails.  Breeders generally use a device that puts a rubber band around the tail close to the base to cut off the blood supply until the tail falls off.

Take all those puppies to a vet?  Bitch, please.  Not my mother.

I came home one day to her and the puppies in the kitchen.   She gave me the old “put out your hand!” trick and I was sure it was a bug.  It took forever for her to convince me it wasn’t bugs.  I give her my hands and she puts all the bloodied puppy tails in my hand, still warm, I might add.  I didn’t freak out and puppy dog tails didn’t go flying, but I wasn’t pleased.   This didn’t make me squeamish.

Not too long after, I got my mother back.  I caught a large mouth bass and was gutting and cleaning it in the kitchen sink.  I found a whole, partially digested crayfish in it’s stomach and chased her with it until she gagged.  That didn’t make me squeamish.

This thing.  This thing makes me squeamish:

Look at this idiot.



Burned Out


It’s that time of year.  I’m burned out.  I’m getting sick of doing things for everyone else.  It sounds bad–I love making things and doing things for others.  It is in my nature.  But I don’t like deadlines and I find that this is the time of year that the lack of reciprocation is more pronounced.  It’s just an exhausting time of year, and with my graceful fall and subsequent sicky cruds, I’m just kind of done.

No, not extra love. Panic.

Tomorrow is going to be filled with weaving in ends, wool soak, baking cookies and prepping a package that BY GOD HAD BETTER GET TO ITS INTENDED RECIPIENT BEFORE CHRISTMAS.

Anyway, I started on the border of my miter square blanket and I like it.  The Mr. decidedly does not like it because “the white doesn’t really go with it”.  What?  The squares were intentionally whip stitched with white so it would show up.  I wanted an old fashioned feel to this And. I. Like. It.  It’s kind of patriotic.  Any resemblance to any political logos are purely unintentional.

Everyone can bite my shiny metal ass.

I haven’t weaved in any of the ends yet but I just needed some mindless knitting today.  It was necessary.

Knitting Ryan might have to go into my boyfriend album on Facebook.

In other news, Kim Jong Il died…like yesterday?  Something like that.  News hit the US tonight.  I found out on Twitter before I found out on the news.  I love and hate the world where I get my serious news and fake animal tweets all in the same place.