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Surprise, I’m Annoyed


I am about to admit something so earth shattering that you may never look at me the same way ever again.

I have opinions.

Holy fuck a duck, I know, right?  I am willing to bet I’ve had opinions for my whole life, or at least as long as I can remember.  I have changed my opinions over the years, too, as experience has dictated.  As a parent, something really annoyed me today and I was pretty surprised at myself.  The topic: leashes for children.

And so it begins.

As you should know, San Diego Comic Con was this weekend and it draws something like 80 million people (citation needed).  Lots of people bring their kids because like most comic book conventions, it’s expanded to pretty much everything under the sun for both kids and adults.  I vicariously attended the con via Twitter feeds of people that I get all fan-girly over.  And then I saw these two tweets:

Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one.

As we all know, you can’t really read too much into things, but in my great big opinion, that last tweet is pretty snarky and mean spirited.  From someone who does not have children.  

Now, I absolutely admit that before I had a child, I thought the same thing:

"This leash demeans us both"

I thought it, but I also was not on a public forum telling people all about things I had no idea about.  After having two kids, my opinion has changed.  I don’t leash my children because I don’t have a reason to.  Yet.  However, I will say that I still harbored self righteous thoughts after my son was born.  We can just hold hands!  Right?  That’s what a good parent should do, right?

And then one day, the Mr, my son and I were walking into a store, probably Wal-Mart and we all held hands.  Then, boom, he shook free from both of us at the same time and bolted.  It wasn’t busy and there were not any cars at that moment but it was a total heart attack moment.  This never happened again, but both my husband and I had the lightbulb moment of “oh, THIS is why people leash”.  And this is with two adults and one scrawny little kid.  Now I have two kids, 4 and 2 years old.  If one bolts, what do I do with the other one?  What if I’m in a crowded place?  What if someone grabs my kid?

What if someone draws a humorous comic about me while I leash my kid?

In other words, I understand that the majority of the people who leash are scared that something will happen to their kid.  Most of the Twitter replies said as much.  The thing that irked me was that this is the opinion of someone who does not have kids and it had a very demeaning tone which frankly disappointed me.  I know, I know: this guy doesn’t give two shits about my asshole, I mean, my opinion.  And he’s human and has an opinion.  It still got me all ruffled up.  This NY Times article kind of summed it up for me.

FYI, I still hold tightly to some of my pre-child opinions:

1.  Do not take your infant to the movies.  Taking your well behaved toddler to a G rated film is okay.  I do not want to see people having sex while a baby screams his lungs out.  I can get that at home and not pay $25 for the priviledge.

2. Do not take your infant or your toddler or your ill behaved child to a nice restaurant.  Get a babysitter or something.  Go to less fancy pants restaurant.  It’s a special occasion and you want your kids to celebrate with you?  Really?  Are you going to split a bottle of wine with them, too?  Go to Red Lobster.

3. Barney. Just. Not. Happening.

Here be Dragons


Even before Robin was born, I knew that I’d be re-purposing Josh’s clothes for her.  Luckily, she’s girly no matter what and since she’s the little sister of a very boyish boy, we don’t have to worry about balance.

Julie Kundhi’s blog, specifically, this post, inspired me way back when.  Also, Robin gets mistaken for a boy all the time.  She gets mistaken for a boy even if she’s wearing sparkly pink glitter shoes and pink pants.  But if she’s wearing a green or blue shirt, fuck that:  BLUE AND GREEN ARE FOR BOYS!  I get particularly aggravated at this because I am always being mistaken for a guy.  Because I wear jeans and tee shirts and I don’t have enormous breasts.  Because girls aren’t allowed to wear tee shirts about comic strips or video games unless you’re a size small with DDD+ breasts and the tee shirt is two sizes too small.  Instead of bitching, let’s get on to the shirt:

Robin wears this shirt all the time. Robin is also a girl. BIZZARO.

It’s so freaking awesome, though.  I wish I had one in my size.  How can you not love this?

Dragon?  Skull Hill?  Formula for Invisibility?!! WANT!

This shirt is a heathered navy blue, not whatever color it shows in this picture.

I took an XL tee shirt that never gets worn and cut off 6″ from the bottom.  No extra seaming + no hemming = happy lazy mom.

Here is a picture showing how big and long this shirt is on Robin already.  Pro tip: let your model wake up for 10 minutes before demanding a photo:

Eff Em El!!!!

Now, I spent a fair amount of time futzing over the skirty ruffle (ruffly skirt?).  I thought I should ruffle the skirt part by hand to make sure it would fit the shirt and I wanted to test the length anyway.  It was way super long so I cut to 4″and said screw it to hand prep.  I just threw it on the machine and sewed it to how I felt it would work best.  And it worked.

Slow mo action shot.

Not pictured: the gun pointed at her.

The tee shirt is perfect for a lazy seamstress.  There is a double hem so I just pulled the gray part up and went to it.  You can’t see any stitches and it let me get it done in about 10 minutes.  FYI: for ruffles you should choose a fabric at least twice as big as what you’re ruffling.  I wouldn’t have minded a more pronounced ruffle on this but it serves its purpose.   It is a little bit long, but the shirt is big, too and I know I’ll get a lot of mileage out of it.  And when it’s too short to wear alone, she can wear shorts with it.  I am definitely going to make more of these since Robin has a ton of hand me downs from Josh.

With this new tee shirt dress and flower sandals…I am sure that people will still think she is a boy.  Whatever, I think she’s awesome!

Blog Dump: Post Rapture Edition


Surprise!  I’m still here.  I waited for a while to make sure the Rapture wasn’t late.  It’s the last day of May and yes, the update is coming but I wanted to clean out my brain of all the other stuff first.  So here we go:

1. The Rapture:  As I mentioned, I didn’t go anywhere, nor did anyone else.  I really feel sorry for people that believed.  I think it’s best summed up here:

I'm officially finally not the saddest person ever.

Also, funny:



2. Obsession:  The Mr. and I have been playing Dragons of Atlantis on Facebook non stop because we are dorks.  Since my last post, I’ve had quite a bit of progress:

I'm really excited about this! More than I should be! Exclamation points!!!!!

Did I mention how excited I am about this game?

This picture needs no caption. Other than the one I just wrote.

3. I guess I really didn’t need to number these, huh.