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My kokoro


So the very talented Xingible/Yushinz has often used the phrase “my kokoro” which is an abstract term generally meaning heart but more like mind/body/spirit.  I say this phrase to myself from time to time, mostly when my kids do something amazing or when I see something just incredibly heartwarming.

I say this because I was watching a new (to me) anime called Isekai Izakaya: Japanese Food from Another World.  It’s very cute and because I’m a pig, I love learning about food and seeing people (animated or not) being excited about eating.  At the end of the episodes, real people either create or seek out the food featured in the episode.  In episode 2, Juicy Kara-Age Japanese style fried chicken is explored and damn if it doesn’t look delicious.  In the ending segment, Kenichi Nagira finds a restaurant named Kokoro where they are famous for their fried chicken.  Simple enough, a restaurant named Kokoro that serves among other things, fried chicken.

My exhausted 1 AM brain short circuited and blurred all the lines.

Somehow, for a just a moment, the term kokoro translated in my head as fried chicken.  Oh my kokoro had a new and hilarious meaning.

So now, “oh my fried chicken!” is obviously going to be my new phrase.  There is no other option.

I am really enjoying Isekai Izakaya: Japanese Food from Another World, so check it out if you like food and the juxtaposition of medieval Germany and a modern day Japanese restaurant.  While you’re at it, check out Today’s Menu for the Emiya Family, based on Fate/stay night. Very cute.  All of these food shows remind me how much I love Japanese culture, but also how desperately fat and American I am.  I want to eat all of it, times four.




It has been 11 days since the devastating 9.0 earthquake and tsunami in Japan and I haven’t blogged one word of it. At first, I was pretty stunned and couldn’t think of anything to say. My blog is mostly frivolous and fun and boring. I rarely get serious. As the days went on, this enormous event on the other side of the world affected me less and less and daily life took over more and more. And let’s face it, it’s much easier to NOT turn on the news and NOT think about it. What can you do when you’re so helpless? The need was immediate and while my monetary donation was being put to good use, it wasn’t as if I could comfort people, hand out food, or search through decimated villages.


Helplessness makes you feel like a wiener.

I felt so much better after getting the first update after the disaster from the Tokyobling Blog, a photography blog that I have been following for years. This really allayed my worries for the most part and helped me realize how sensational news media is. Don’t get me wrong–this is not me trying to pretend that something bad didn’t happen or me trying to play down what happened in the very least. But it did ease my mind; the news made me feel like the whole of Japan had been obliterated. It’s simply nice to see a different perspective and to understand a country that is as prepared as humanly possible for all of these cataclysms. Check out his blog and photography; you don’t have to love Japan to appreciate great photos. Doesn’t hurt, though.


In other news, don’t “Pray for Japan”, or at least, don’t just pray for Japan. Donate what you can. Be aware and spread awareness of what is and what isn’t happening. Follow the strength and resolve of the Japanese culture and get on with your lives otherwise Mother Earth wins.


I leave you with this: Donald Duck invented Manga. Reading Cracked makes me wish I still did drugs.



I have had Tokyobling in my “daily” favorites file for quite some time now and have yet to fully mention it here. Go check him out and his beautiful photography and learn something, why doncha.

Also geek out at all the fun things that endear the Japanese culture to the world. Like this:

Barbarian Penguins at the Gates

Spirited Away

And, in honor of Dragon*Con (that I am not going to AGAIN): Armored Cosplayer

There’s so many more pictures that fantastic but why look at them here? Go now and enjoy!