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I am a Halloween


There was an episode of Perfect Strangers where Balki is trying to calm down Cousin Larry by giving him a mantra to repeat. He said, “I am a Halloween, problems flow through me like water. I am a Halloween, problems flow through me like water.” He meant to say, “I am a hollow reed” and it still gives me the giggles. Oh that crazy foreign Balki!

Speaking of Halloween, our Halloween was a bust. We had…17 whole trick or treaters. Seventeen. What a crappy turn out. We had a ton of candy leftover:

I ate all the Twizzlers.

On the upside, even though we did very little, our house was still super awesome and according to some 8 year old, the scariest house ever.

Suddenly I have a minty fresh feeling

And while our house is not as big as this picture makes it seem, you can keep on believing we live in a ginormous house:

I’m not fat, I’m big boned.

Happy Adversaries


October 25 marked the 5th year of being marred, er, I mean, married. I would have posted a picture of the cake which said “Happy Adversaries: Five Long Years” but instead, I will show you how we party, anniversary style:

What, no tax?

Nothing says committment like five years, a one-quarter sheet cake, and almost 4K worth of appliances from Lowe’s.

Hello 1998


Picture it, a one room apartment, 1998. What will complete the decor of the single room that you live out of?

Yes, a Poster.

Yep, thanks to my complete and utter lack of time and energy I have moved my computer from my office to my bedroom. And, to complete the studio apartment/dorm room feel, a Bleach poster. Ahh, now for a bowl of Ramen noodles. Wait, I still eat those. Maybe it is 1998!