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A break!


Finally! So I decided to spend my time with you, dear computer. I love you. Let’s never fight again.

For the record, the name “Mokey” does not sound very scary. I have never been on the teeth end of a police dog, so maybe they could name them all “Fluffy” and “Bubblegum” and it wouldn’t matter.

It’s official: it was a turtle, and yeah, I was probably the one who killed it. Sorry, turtle.

What does the Box-Pad-Tube Company sell again? Bicycles?

And I’m really late posting this, but as if it wasn’t pretty enough on the outside:


It was also pretty on the inside:


Thanks Molly, for going above and beyond to make my REALLYSHITTYHORRIBLE birthday not so shitty or horrible. I got yarn, which is what I always ask for, because I’m a dork. I’ve been working on item #90 of the ChÜberlist: 2009: 25% of miter square blanket done. I am so NOT getting 25% of the miter square blanket done. I need 196 squares which equates to something like, 49 squares. I am going to be lucky if I make 10%. Actually, I’ll be lucky to still have use of my hands in another week or so thanks to pregancy swelling/pregnany induced carpel tunnel. I’m what you call fun.

Here are three squares blocking; I ran out of pins so the fourth square is just going to have to sit there and be jealous:


OMG KNITTING CONTENT! I know, weird, right? Also, since there are 6 pictures here, I’ve decided that this also qualifies for a Sunday Six.



Look at this picture I found on my camera! I don’t remember seeing it even though I have already downloaded and edited pictures from that day… oooOOOoOooOoOOohhhh

Okay, it’s probably not SO creepy, but it’s kind of creepy.

blargh dump


1. One of my trees is shedding it’s limbs for the summer:

2. I found the Loch Ness Monster on my way to work one day:

3. Last Friday, I worked until about 8:30 PM. IT really ruins working late when you leave the office at that time of night and it’s still bright as hell: