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Last yarny of 2007


The day after Christmas, actually.

Regular scarf blocking?

Under closer inspection, still normal, right?

No, sucka! It was all an illusion!


I can’t believe it actually looks like it’s supposed to! Thank you Storm Moon Knits!. The Meester loved it, even if it wasn’t on time for Christmas. At least I ended the year on a good note!

WIP update


I have three works in progress right now, which is not much to some people. But I’m slow and who knows when they’ll get done. So maybe to get a fire lit under my ass, here is what I’m working on:

Dark Mark Scarf for the Mr.

Irish Hiking Scarf for…anyone who wants it, I guess.

Some Sort of Afghan The Name of Which I Cannot Remember for EMS

The only one I’ve been working on is the cable scarf because it’s the easiest and I don’t need to follow a pattern now that it’s established. The Mr.’s scarf is next on my list to get finished and then the afghan. And if it turns into an Arbor Day gift, then so be it. I am aiming for Christmas though, and god knows I have terrible aim.

Who Me?


A complainer? Psshhhawwww. Not me. Nope. Not at all. So when I saw this, I though, meh, I can do that standing on my head. So I ordered the bracelet. Yay free stuff!

After switching wrists about 10 times in the first minute, I gave up and trashed the bracelet.

I think I’ll stick with my Hogwarts House Bracelets instead:

I’m not gay, I’m a wizard. And I like rainbows.

Thanks to Molly for my pretty bracelets!