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Reunions And Rekindlings, Part 2




How to get a childhood friend to accept repayment of $5 that you embarrassingly had to borrow while feeling like crawling under a rock and dying.

$5 bill
Ziploc bags in the following sizes: snack, sandwich, quart, gallon; 1 each
24 chocolate chip cookies, homemade preferred

1.)  Insert $5 in snack bag.  Add a note if preferred:

2.) Insert snack bag into sandwich bag along with cookies:

3.)  Insert sandwich bag into quart bag along with cookies:

4.)  Insert quart bag into gallon bag along with cookies:

5.) Sneak bag into target’s luggage.

Now you have successfully repaid your debt and managed to gift cookies as well!  This method can be used to present engagement rings, concert/theater tickets or keys to a new car.  I strongly warn against using this as a way of gifting puppies, kittens, goldfish, etc as this may have unexpected results.  Good luck!

As I may have mentioned, I had an old friend and his family come and visit over the Memorial Day weekend.  I hadn’t seen him in years and our kids got to meet each other and I finally got to meet his wife.  It was fun and relaxing other than this $5 fiasco.  And when I say fiasco, I mean in my own mind.  No one else would think anything of it, but I was mortified.  I shouldn’t have been as I’ve known him since middle school and he’s seen me puke, but I’m a loon.

Their visit was the motivation I needed to clean and paint the common spaces in the house and my craft room where they slept.  More on that to come in a later post, but I was batshit crazy in the days and weeks leading up to their visit trying to get everything done (hence the radio silence).   Good times!

more lurve!!


I’m late posting this because I’m l-a-z-y. I received a delightful package on Wednesday (Tuesday mail did not run for a national day of mourning for former president Ford). Inside was love for me, the Mr. and the baby!

First, the love for meeeeee:

Do you see how low the level of party mix is in this bowl? That’s because I’m not only lazy, I’m also a pig. It’s been reduced by probably half since that picture was taken. Delicious. Also:

I guess since I’m kind of pervy the phrase HOURS and HOURS of “BY-YOURSELF ENJOYMENT” sound kind of creepy. Creepy in a hilarious way.

The Mr. received a box of chocolates and a Borders Gift Card! Poor fella has been working so much he has been too tired to go to the bookstore. I volunteered to spend his card for him, but was valiantly turned down.

Now for the baby:

A new fiend! It’s quite adorable and in a very appropriate color. The tag says “To our newest grandson. Welcome to the family!! Love, Nana & Pawpaw”. Here is a picture of the bear commandeering Kyou as sumo penguin looks on with approval:

Maybe I didn’t want a baby as badly as I wanted a playmate. At least I get both! A big big big BIG thank you to Trosy and David, my parents in Texas :) I’m so lucky!

Pucker up?


I had to make fun of this because that little face looks like a pucker. Which kind of made me think dirty thoughts. I found out though, it was supposed to be a surprised face, which could still be a little dirty.

Maybe it’s just me, I don’t know.