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I was going to post about a super awesome thing that happened but my auto-save saved over my actual save draft. So instead of a draft, I had a blank screen with one picture. FML.

Instead, I will show you this:

I will throw this at your knee.

It’s the top of the last pillow for the classroom.  I didn’t intend for an arrow, it just kind of happened.  I needed at least one girly pillow, right?

This just happened:

Best response EVER.

So, that’s all for now because I don’t feel like re-writing my awesome good fun times from Saturday.  Maybe later.

Thomas is haunting me


No fucking shit. I had a dream last night about a ghost named Tom. I don’t remember any specific details, but I was in a house that was very reminiscent of The Others: very dusky, foggy, weird lighting. And there was a man named Tom who used to live there and he didn’t want me to be there at ALL. Then suddenly, while posting on Facebook:


The search is ON.  I found this site and this picture, which is incredibly creepy:

It's creepy in context, anyway.

Schnor is apparently a Danish name and I’m going to assume a moderately normal, common one.  However, add an extra R at the end and you get this:


I think I am going to go hide now.

Photo Dump: Death Dump Edition


I would have used the Death Jump, too, but it never hurts to have options.

Really, you’re still not watching The Regular Show?  Pfft, what are you, grown up or something?  Here’s some randomness that I’d like to share:

1. Hermaphrodite.

If you don't get my reference, ask your clergyman.

2. I posted this status on FB this week: I think I finally found all of my drink coasters. Did you just crap yourself with this awesome news? God, someone shoot me.

I spend too much time doing nothing.

3. I have a lot of Juicy Juice:

There is one in the fridge, too. They were on sale.

4. I have a lot of cereal:

We just eat a lot of cereal. And they were on sale. Not the Cheerios, though.

5. This is at my local library and I am tempted to check it out just to post more interesting snippets:

"Second Edition" That means there was a First Edition??

6. This is scribbled on our drawing board:

FYI: dry erase CRAYONS are a big fucking mess. Trust me.

Reminds me of either this:

This will always look like a sex toy.

Or this:

Just slightly scarier than Yo Gabba Dildo.

7. Best thing ever, ever, EVER:  I found my Old 97’s Fight Songs CD:

My computer area is interesting.

Good stuff, fun times.