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Working Hard


I’m posting at work today because I’m working hard and hardly working. But this was too important not to share immediately:

An engrish lolcat must have written this.

Also, I found a great new website: Captain of Division Awesome which I am NOT reading at work. No, I am working at work.

I love this man.

I promise


I also wanted to point out that when saving this picture file, I named it “epiclire”. Even my typing is engrishy today.

More to come. Eventually. Really. I promise.

fangirl alert!


ZOMG! I got the most awesome notebooks the other day a few weeks ago! Have I mentioned how much I love Bleach? I don’t just love Bleach, I LOVE love it.



And, as if it could not get any better…IT TOTALLY FUCKING GETS BETTER!

Feel enjoy engrish happy time fun!