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Fuck you, too, Webster


Due to some fantastic medicine I’ve been taking for the past month or so, my dreams have been incredibly detailed and vivid.  They’re long and drawn out and I could go on and on for AGES, but I thought I would focus on one of the dreams I had last night, which I respectfully title: Fuck you, too, Webster.

Pictured: Jerk

Emmanuel Lewis and I grew up together and at one point when I was 7 years old, I either intentionally or unintentionally offended him with a racial comment or slur.  I don’t remember what it was and he wouldn’t tell me, but even after apologizing for it, he never forgave me.  And for some reason, we never moved away from each other and saw each other all the time: on the street, in stores, at college.   He’d walk by me and just antagonize me.

I was walking through an open area at a university we were both attending.  I was with a friend and he says something about “aren’t there rules about where they’ll let trash like you walk?”  and I said “Yes, there are, but don’t worry, they’re posted high up enough that you can’t see them”.  We got into a shouting match because I was incredibly angry that he would not let that original incident go and if he wanted me to be an asshole, I’d be an asshole.  And that the people who worked for racial equality throughout our lifetimes would never advocate these kind of antagonistic practices.  The fact that he could not forgive what a 7 year old said so many decades ago showed what a pathetic person he was.

Man, poor Emmanuel.  I hope he doesn’t hate me in real life.  I don’t imagine that he’s this angry in real life.  The other memorable dreams as of late include:

  • basilisk snake gigolo
  • Captain America notepad that says “I love boobs!”
  • peach bombs
  • skipping out of Daniel Tosh’s marathon
  • recording fairy tales live on the radio while singing songs about Pippi Longstocking
  • mathematical equations

I should really start writing all of these dreams down.  They don’t mean anything for the most part, but they are so incredibly detailed and fun.  I can’t wait to sleep tonight!   



I remember once, in Jr. High, I think, we had some kind of anti drug awareness thing and a guy wrote “Durgs are bad” and I still totally remember that.

I have insomnia like the shits so unless I take Benedryl I do not sleep. I really should sleep. LIKE RIGHT NOW. But I am amused (read: kinda wonky*) so I will share some thoughts with you:

1.)Kimi Kobayashi/Peter Coffin. I thought they were the same person once she disappeared and immediately felt LIKE SUCH A FUCKING ASSHOLE for being so cynical. And then Wendy Cheng!/Xiaxue ** totally outed his ass ** and ** He goes on to give his side and assplain hisself ** but looks even worse. What’s worse, inventing a fake girlfriend or being duped? BTW he lied about her (being with her/next to her, etc) so credibility is for shit.

2.)HOW SAD am I that I didn’t get a response from a CHURCH that is taking donations for a charity for women’s clothing that I cannot remember right now. JEEEEZ. I have 9 pairs of shoes to give them if Molly lets me give them the Doc Martens she gave me. But do Doc Martens have a place in the work place anymore? does my watch say 1999? WHY AM I NOT WEARING A WATCH?


Here are the docs, my wedding shoes (worn once) and my favorite work heels (worn a few times)


4.)I have no idea what I was going to put here.



I guess I’m going to sleep now. Durrrrgs.

*I’m not going to say “high” because that implies illegal drugs of some sort.
**Too high for HTML