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Reunions and rekindlings, Part 1


Er mah gerd, it’s been so long since I’ve blogged.  Not really.  Some people post less than once a month.  But I have been busy and all sorts of things happened so it feels like it’s been a while.  Let’s first dispel the idea that anything was fully completed.  Done?  Okay:

1.  The thrift store fabric is slowly being worked into 6×6 blocks of 1″ squares:

I am totally working on this.

2. Then I got a wild hair up my ass and decided I was going to use up the rest of this little bit of color so I started crocheting; I’m debating on whether to get more yarn and make it a full sized throw or if I need to put a simple border on it and call it done.

One pretty big granny square.

3.  I am still not done with this baby blanket:

Move along, nothing to see here. (It’s bigger than this, but I’m lazy so just imagine. With your mind.)

4. I’m actually making decent progress on this blanket for Josh using this awesome tutorial from Attic24.  The hexagons kind of look like cobblestones to me but we call it the turtle blanket.  I have owed Josh a crocheted blanket since I made one for Robin.

This picture makes me miss Boris, but life goes on with another animal glaring at me in disgust.


In Part 2, I will have a tutorial!  Stay tuned!



I have been slack this month, but I’m not one to sign up for NaBloPoMo.  So here’s what’s been going on:

1.  Josh, the Mr. and I put together a puzzle.  I’d say I did about 80%:

Amazing! It looks *just* like a puzzle!

2. I finished a baby blanket for a friend of mine.  I started an insanely long time ago.  I should have just had the baby for them; it would have been less work:

Husband's leg not included.

It's the perfect size for a baby. A baby elephant. In other words, it's big.

Entrelac with a crocheted border.

3.  I was lucky enough to replace my antique 24″ oven/microwave combo with a new double oven!


The installation was going to cost about $400 because they had to cut the cabinets to accommodate the new 27″ double oven.  They were scheduled to deliver the ovens on a Saturday between 8 AM and noon.  When did they deliver it?  6:30 AM.  Seriously.  They got such an earful from me that my installation was free.  I estimated that for every time I screamed ‘fuck’ I received a dollar.

After. Shiny and new!

Ovens were in in time for Thanksgiving.  It was amazing.  Cooking more than one thing at a time?  I’m rich, bitch!

4. Speaking of Thanksgiving:

Wonky, just like our family.

5. The thing that happens after Thanksgiving:

Here we go...

Christmas is still like, three months away, right?

Bleach spoiler; other distractions


Before I get all fan-girly over Bleach chapter 460, let’s have a wip photo dump, shall we?

Don't panic---I totally finished that ramen.

Not pictured: the king sized Halloween quilt, a robot fleece that just needs some binding, the Celtic cross stitch and a red scarf for The Red Scarf Project.  All of those things are languishing in a corner of my bedroom looking at me with varying degrees of disdain and sadness.  I’m also in desperate need of some hats (hahaha, a few people know that joke) and there is at least one child running around this house with no hand made socks that fit (she demands purple).  There is also that thing called Christmas that’s coming up that has already been tugging on the hem of my shirt, trying to get my attention.   Okay, enough photo dumping, on to spoiling:

That is all.