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Stuff that (might) not suck


Holy fucksheets I’ve been all gloom and doom lately.  Also, my V key is not working properly, so I will hae to go back and do a lot of manual edits to this post.  Robin’s birthday is WEDNESDAY which means I am totally schizoid.  I’m sad my baby is turning 3, but happy that she’s so awesome.  I’m super excited to see her reaction to her big day because she gets excited about everything.  If I ask her if she wants to go to the store with me she goes “oh it’s gonna be so fun THANK YOU, MOMMY!” like it’s some big treat to spend any time with me while I try hard to do math in my head and walk by potato chips five times while I try to justify any reason to get them and shove them into my fat face.  But that’s my girl: very excited, very happy, very loud.

I have to admit that she is a Princess girl.  Everyone has an idea of what they want for their kids and I really wasn’t sure if I wanted her to be super girly or not.  I never felt super girly, ever.  I can be, but I don’t know, I just never found my place in Princessland.  I’m just a nerdy dork that cusses a lot.  She came into this mostly all on her own and since the heart wants what it wants, we have indulged her thusly.

First, the annual birthday socks:

They’re striped and they’re socks–what more do you want?

They’re knee-high and super cute.  Knit Picks something or other that I’ve had forever.  She likes them and they fit her well.  Thankfully, birthday socks are never a surprise, so I can make them and try them on the recipient as many times as necessary.  They are boring, but I never have time for anything.  I pledge that next years socks will be either lacy or cable-y or Fair Isle-y or something.  SOMETHING other than stockinette for a million stitches.  I know, I know, I’m boring:

I’m also missing a G?

That will obviously be ordered correctly.  I don’t have any progress shots of any of this stuff because I’ve simply not been in the mood to tote the camera around.  I had all of these 10×10 canvases from Wal-Mart that had been sitting around for years.  Literally years.  I spray painted them with the same pink I used for her lamp and let them dry.  I found a fancy font that I liked and did the old ghetto transfer method:  scribble all over the back and trace the front and voila, perfect imprint for those too cheap to buy carbon paper.  The white was done with a white out pen.  I didn’t like how dark the pink was so I lightened the whole thing by whitewashing with acrylic white and pink glitter:

It also gave it a sort of antiqued look but more importantly it covered mistakes well.

Oh, pink glitter?  Oh fuck yeah, pink glitter:

She’s also getting a ‘Happy Birthday’ tiara to wear for the day.

Pink and purple are her favorite colors.  The quilt is still in progress.  Slow and painful progress.  The lavender floral above is the backing.  Hopefully I’ll be able to post a done picture sometime before Wednesday.  Pink and Purple cupcakes.  Barbie dolls (her first!) and stickers.  She’s also getting a Hello Kitty dress and Daddy will take her out for a breakfast date.  Josh made her a necklace out of pink and purple beads and he’s going to help me surprise her with a new big girl bed.  Isn’t that the fucking shit.  My baby is not going to be in a crib anymore.  So a big girl bed it is.  FROWNY SAD FACE.

I”ll have before and after pics; I’m also going to make a canopy drape and Josh helped me make a mobile for her to go over her bed.  I have way too much to do but it will all be worth it.  I mean c’mon, it’s not like I sleep anyway, right?

Photo Dump: PG-13 Edition






Winner Schwag


I am back from the dead to post schwag photos! Thanks to everyone who actually entered (as opposed to everyone else who ignored me, but anyway) because you didn’t even know what you were really in a contest for. But trust me, I wasn’t going to spend money to ship a bunch of crap!

First prize gifts:

Random, yes. Crap, no!

Jenny won a $10 gift certificate to Starbucks, a stuffed plushie and a really cool embroidery kit. I think the plushie looks like Butters from South Park.


Second prize gifts:

Less random. Possibly crap related.

Danielle won a $5 gift certificate to Starbucks and some baby goodies as she is with child. I was trying to tempt more pregnant ladies with baby stuff, but whatever. Also, that sounds a little creepy.

Third prize gift:

Not random at all.

Molly won some Men’s Pocky. Apparently men in Japan like dark chocolate and not milk chocolate. I specifically went to Super H Mart to get it (and of course I got some regular Pocky for myself!)