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I’m seriously considering something.  As in, actually taking into consideration.  I think I need to go on a social media fast.  I need to break free.  Hole up.  Quit being baited into caring about things that I shouldn’t.  Case in point: Ahmed Mohamed and the clusterfuck fiasco that followed.  There is plenty out there, Google it and read up if you’re not aware.  I’m angry.

This gif is never not necessary.

I’m angry about this whole thing, top to bottom.

  • that a school would call police rather than parents
  • that the first teacher didn’t diffuse the situation or even hold the clock for the school day to help avoid the situation
  • that a boy who built a clock and maintained that it was nothing more than a clock and never showed it to anyone else but a teacher who could confirm it was a clock was handcuffed “for his own safety and the safety of others” and humiliated
  • that the media twists things around to inspire/enrage society
  • the people said it was completely planned for the President’s agenda
  • that the boy’s dad is a politician from Sudan and maybe it was all planned
  • that social and public outcry is the only thing that gets noticed, but if you have something that needs social and public outcry you are just an attention whore
  • I’ve put way too much time, attention and emotion into this and the ‘news’ in general (because let’s face it, a lot of this is not news

Maybe not a full on social media fast.  Blogs are considered social media, no?  Maybe no Facebook.  Should I start with Facebook and work in Twitter and Imgur?  I hate/love them all.  What if I have a question for a large group of people?  What about my home school groups?  What about blogs?  Comics?  TV news?

I think this sounds like I want to put my head in the sand and not see the ills of the world.  That’s not completely untrue, but for me, I know how I react.  I get angry, I get emotionally involved and frankly, I don’t want to do that.  If you believe in things like energy from emotion and whatnot, I don’t need that kind of energy in my life, let alone my home.  I feel like it turns me into some kind of zealot or an uneducated naive suburbanite.  I simply don’t want the headache of it.  I don’t want the online pissing contests.  I don’t want the distraction.

#seriously #oldlife #4PMdinnerftw

I don’t like that these things bleed into my blog, which is supposed to be a repository of refinement.  Or is it an archive of atrocity?  Whatever it is, it’s not supposed to be this.  I need to figure out how to insulate my emotions without suffocating my reasoning.  I need to think about how to actually do that.

Okay.  Here’s what I’ll do.  My plan for the rest of the year:

Facebook – hide everyone except for home school/educational groups.  This way I can still communicate with my friends but not have to see the shit they post (good or bad)
Twitter – ignore
Imgur – ignore

I’ll still read blogs and comics and Youtube and Netflix.  That’s fair, right?  Those things are for school or for an escape or for both.  I just hope I can do it, because I really feel like I need this.  I worry I’m going to get drawn back into it all because let’s face it, it’s fun and addicting.

Some People Have Problems


And when I say problems, I mean this:

Why is my goblin dressed like a stripper?

Someone.  Someone explain to me why my goblin is wearing a halter top, bikini underwear and garters.   Thanks a lot, heirloom gear.  I understand that the WoW demographic is overwhelmingly male, but really?  This?

You know what?  I don’t want to know.  Let’s just leave this question alone.

And since I’m talking about problems, I guess I’ll note here that it’s almost 1 AM and I’m having sleep anxiety again.  I guess I’ll take something.  I had a terrible dream this morning.  It was not the scariest, per se, but let’s just say that it was easily the most disturbing dream I’ve had.  I tried to ignore it but the acid in my stomach just exploded.  Of course it did.  Because why wouldn’t it when I’m taking the kids out to breakfast and to drop off letters to Santa and the neighbors are outside?  Opening the car door and puking in your driveway is just another way to stay classy, I suppose.

On the upside, Christmas cards are done, blank pages are being sent to the North Pole (like I’d really send off my first born man child’s Christmas list that he wrote with his own hand!) and it’s finally cold enough for me to wear a tee shirt instead of tank tops.  Everyone else is in footie pjs and sweatshirts but they are lucky I’m not opening the windows.  Cold enough to make soup for dinner.  I wish it would last for a couple months at least instead of a few days.

Fun fact: my son was having trouble with the n in “thank you” but he can spell Nerf Blaster  easy peasy.  Thank you, target advertising.  It’s the only thing he asked Santa for because Santa has a lot to do and he knows Mom does most of the shopping anyway.  SMART BOY.

I have more to discuss like my new baby but it can be summed up here:

Yeah…pretty accurate, actually. I’M VERY EXCITABLE!

This is pretty much my Christmas, Hanukkah  New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Tax Season End present.  I will take it and be grateful.

Wrandom Wednesday


I’m taking the day off. I hurt my shoulder so my days as a star pitcher/windmill style boxer might be over. Here is some randomness:

Scumbag bug. I didn't even get to drink first.

I thought it was a Hitler kit, but it was pore strips.

WAY better than Biore, black side down, less water needed. AWESOME.

Then this happened.

So this is how I reacted.

When I see this episode...

...I know who should play El Peluquero.

Breakfast in bed, naps, video games, sewing = today's agenda

Have a good one!