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Happy Boxing Day!

I don’t know how to blog anymore because it’s been so long.  I’m…trying but I’m also sick and tired and sleepy.  Until I learn how to organize my thoughts like a normal human again, here is a gift I got for Christmas: Mine is brass,…

Something to Talk About

3 Months! Everything has happened, so let’s have a photo dump: 1. Halloween happened and it was awesome. Moaning Myrtle married Harry Potter?  Nah.  I asked Robin what her back story was and she said her father murdered her right before she got married….

Merry Christmas/Happy New Year/Joyeux ChÜberlist: 2014–The Year of the Things

HI.  I really want to backdate this entry, but what’s the fun in that? Unrelated: It’s past midnight right now and I’m watching the Cotton Bowl and screaming at the TV.  It’s a serious butt-clencher, so bear with me. I have so much to…