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OMG Big News!


Not really, that’s a big lie.  But I do have nerdy news:  I met my first Asian boyfriend today!

We met via Twitter and Think Geek; a good combination.

Here is the actual video.  How many of you clicked the picture above?  I’m such a bitch.  But I won’t tell on you.  

Then I saw this and thought he was freaking adorable:

And *then* I saw this and fell in love: 

Seriously, check him out first hand via Twitter, FacebookTumblr and of course, YouTube.  Technically, he can’t be my boyfriend because the math doesn’t work (half your age +7).  I’m skeezy.


My boyfriend is nice


I know I’ve mentioned my boyfriend Sylar before, but I had to let you know how awesome he is:


Did you see that? It saysLOVE.

I mean, he probably killed the flower delivery guy and just put his name on the tag, but still. He made an effort and it’s the thought that counts. You couldn’t ask for more.


For the record, I got rid of my old boyfriend because he was always “too busy” with his “wife and kids”. I think he was just afraid of committment.

I heart Sylar


I am always late on the bandwagon, but I am finally hooked on Heroes. In particular, I love Sylar. I just wanted to tell you. He might be my new boyfriend.

NO! Kitty! Run!

Deviant Art by RobHough

South Park’s version of Mahinder, Sylar & Cheerleader

amusing tee shirt

One of my favorites: Deviant Art by EatToast

I think Sylar just needs a hug and a scarf.