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Photo Dump: Wiener Edition


It all started on a very chilly morning some time last week.  I took Wendy out for a walk and was suddenly overcome with the realization that I have totally been neglecting the opportunity for infinite wiener jokes.

I have had this dog for MONTHS now and have yet to make wiener jokes a regular thing.  It’s like I don’t even know myself anymore.

  • Sometimes when I’m bored I just lay in bed and gently stroke my wiener.
  • My wiener is kind of thick but no one seems to mind.
  • When my wiener is excited it’s hard to wrestle even with both hands.

Sometimes my wiener will just pop out of the blanket unexpectedly.

On this same ridiculously silly day, while getting dressed to run errands, I realized I had missed the opportunity to make an awesome Boob Grinch joke.

And her boobs grew two cup sizes that day!

The silliness is a feeble attempt to counteract the other garbage, like my good friend Night Terrors.  Right now it’s hit and miss which is a million times worse than having them on a regular basis.  I’ve probably said the opposite before (ie: rather have them once and a while vs all the time) but having a normal night’s sleep is so deceptive.  Suddenly:

Apparently, I scream for someone or something to get out. A lot.

Not sleeping is also creeping into my holiday procrastination.  As if  pretending Thanksgiving isn’t this week will somehow magically extend this year.  I’m a bit worn from the complete non-stop of it all.

Fuck you, Granger.

On the other hand, this year has really sucked so maybe it’s best it’s over sooner rather than later.  Fuck that, too:

Again? Like every fucking year.

I guess it’s time to actually sleep or at least pretend to for the next few hours.  Things will be happening in the next few weeks, so I’m sure I’ll have something to say.

…and this will probably be it.

Two things


I like the juxtapositions of being pregnant. For instance, I’ve been having some great boob days:

Not pictured: boobies

Also, on the down side of things, I am shooting up 3 or 4 times a day:


Also, I’m grouchier than normal, but no one can tell. I’m just saying.

frat life


I got this book for mah bebe because he’s a freaking genius:


It’s cute and made for kiddies but it’s a huge book and kind of hard to read for bedtime. The pictures are fun:

Mt. Olympus

I saw this though, which I thought was a bit inappropriate:


This is the only picture of Aphrodite like this even though she’s in the book a ton. She’s fully and properly clothed in the rest of the book. I’m not a prude, but seriously? Boobies?