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Needed a Quickie


I am in serious need of a Bleach fix.  I am so sad that the anime and manga series is ending.  It’s rare that I’m on the bandwagon from the start.  I’m seriously concerned about all the episodes that are on my other hard drive and I need an external drive case ASAP.

While I was waiting for my car at the shop I couldn’t help but watch a few of my favorite AMVs:

I can’t love this mix enough: Japanese anime and epic rock about Nordic gods? The best part is watching Josh totally mesmerized by both the music and the imagery. There might be hope for that kid yet.

This will always be my favorite amv, ever.

I can’t bring up my heartfelt longing for Bleach without mentioning my favorite single father, Kurosaki Isshin.

Oh dear god YES.  I do, I really, really do.

Quick review:

  • Single father, widowed and very much in love with his deceased wife
  • Doctor for the good of the people, not for profit
  • Holy shit he’s hot
  • Holy shit he’s badass

You know what makes me squeal like a fan girl?  This:

My optometrist hates me.

Photo Dump: PG-13 Edition






Bleach spoiler; other distractions


Before I get all fan-girly over Bleach chapter 460, let’s have a wip photo dump, shall we?

Don't panic---I totally finished that ramen.

Not pictured: the king sized Halloween quilt, a robot fleece that just needs some binding, the Celtic cross stitch and a red scarf for The Red Scarf Project.  All of those things are languishing in a corner of my bedroom looking at me with varying degrees of disdain and sadness.  I’m also in desperate need of some hats (hahaha, a few people know that joke) and there is at least one child running around this house with no hand made socks that fit (she demands purple).  There is also that thing called Christmas that’s coming up that has already been tugging on the hem of my shirt, trying to get my attention.   Okay, enough photo dumping, on to spoiling:

That is all.