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Don’t panic.

But I think I broke time.

For real. Like shattered it all to hell.

It has been five minutes to midnight forEVER.  Usually, when I’m farting around imgur, I look up and it’s been way too fucking long.  Tonight for some reason, I’ve been surfing for hours in the span of 5 minutes.  I don’t know, maybe I’m losing my mind, or hanging out at the edge of a black hole.

Lots has been on my mind, and I write it out and delete, write it out and delete, write it out and delete.

I should have picked the gif where the hamster falls all over itself.

I have been doing things and taking pictures of said things.

Like, I bought a vintage camera case:

I wish it was leather. I have no idea what I’m going to do with it, but it’s pretty.

I’m making a toy wiener dog for the kids as per their request:

There. Done.

It will make more sense when it’s actually done.  Trust me.

I made cupcakes and overfilled them so I nibbled all the overhang off of the cupcakes before I iced them because I’m an asshole and I really like that crunchy edge part of the cake and run on sentences.

I made these two for the babysitter. They were the only two not nibbled. You’re welcome, Jennifer.

I feel like I’m doing everything I’m supposed to do, nothing that I want to do and failing miserably at everything.  I feel like a ghost, going through the motions of my life.  Waiting to fade away completely.

I have probably been watching too much Ghost Adventures.

Sweet dreams.





Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday to me,
It doesn’t suck being thirty-three,
Happy Birthday to me.

My birthday was pretty fucking awesome, actually.  Peaceful for the most part.  I have to say that Joshua is and has always been horrible on other people’s birthdays.  I think he just can’t stand that people other are allowed to have special days.  Birthdays, anniversaries and Mother’s/Father’s day are SPECIAL DAYS.  So, with the full mind that my otherwise neato kid was probably going to be kind of a turd, I had an exceptionally fantastic day.

1.) I got my McDonald’s breakfast in bed.  This is standard for my birthday and Mother’s Day because while the Mr. can cook, he sure as hell can’t clean and I hate chores.

2.) I got amazing gifts that really surprised me:

Now you know all of my secrets.

I have, since I was a child, been a huge fan of Gone with the Wind.  I saw the movie when I was a kid and of course I thought it was fantastic and romantic.  Then I read the book and was blown away.  I’ve seen documentaries about it and most recently this amazing PBS documentary on Margaret Mitchell.  I’ve never owned the book.  The sequel I’ve had forever; in fact, I received it for Christmas the year it came out.  This was A BIG DEAL because a brand new hardback book was like $30!  I was 12 years old!  It was literally the only thing I wanted.  I’m a nerd.  No it’s not as good as the original and it’s not fair to compare it.  What it does though is wraps everything up nicely in a pretty bow, and sometimes that’s all you want.  The original copy I had was ruined by some asshole who spilled soda on it so having a new pretty one makes me very, very happy.  (I wasn’t the asshole.  This time.)

I am, and have been since birth, Asian.  I might forget it from time to time but The Asian Grandmother’s Cookbook is the fucking shit.  BUY THIS BOOK.  I borrowed it from the library under the recommendation of Jade Luck Club and holy crap.  It’s amazing.  It literally made me cry, because nothing takes you back home faster than food.  For some people, the saying “you can’t go home again” is true in a literal sense and even thinking about childhood favorites breaks my heart.  Now that my grandmother has passed as well this book really just broke me.  I sent it back to the library after only reading a few pages and flipping through it.  It’s the most authentic Asian cookbook I’ve ever seen.  I’m glad I have it now despite some of the sadness it brings.  I want my kids to be able to have these food memories.  This food should be in their blood like it’s in my blood.  This is probably my most favorite gift ever because now I have an opportunity to pass something on that I thought was lost.

Lastly, check out that awesome puzzle.  I am PUZZLE CRAZY.  I don’t know what it is, but when it’s puzzle time just get the fuck out of my way.  Don’t help me because you really suck.  Only Josh can help because he has my puzzle gene.  The Mr. does NOT have the skillz that our 5 year old has.  But this, this is all mine.  I think I’m going to time this one, because I have got to know how well I can do.  When the kids go to Grandma’s house, I’m going to puzzle. it. up. bitches.

3.) I got even *more* amazing gifts:


Here are the gifts that Josh and Robin made for me while I waited for breakfast.  They’re all awesome and I went ahead and labeled them so you’d know exactly what they were.  The bracelet I thought was pretty clever so I wore it all day and even out to lunch.  Somewhat unrelated, I was able to buy white chalk at Office Depot on my birthday.  Walmart no longer carries chalk WHAT THE FUCK.  I’m so old.

4.)  I had yummies:

We went out to eat at Sake Gura, a local hibachi and sushi place.  I had not had sushi in about 6 years.  DID YOU READ THAT I HADN’T HAD SUSHI IN 6 YEARS UNTIL LAST WEEK.  Maybe that’s why my life has been so weird.  Sushi/sashimi is such a no-no when you’re pregnant and after pregnancy who has the money to go out for sushi and then suddenly you’re pregnant again holy crap you’ll never eat sushi again!  Well I did and I tried to get the kids to promise to eat just one bite for my birthday.  Josh gagged, Robin loved it.  She likes eel and octopus so I’m so happy!  I have a sushi buddy again so you had better believe we’ll be going as often as possible.  Love love love!  I wanted to sit at the hibachi table and it was a fantastic show except for the fact that Josh freaked the fuck out and Robin wrapped herself around me so tight I thought I was going to choke.  It was hilarious.  Fire and kids are hilarious, for real.  Cute moment:  when the guy was done and cleaning up she said “My favorite part was when he cleaned up!”.  You had to be there, I’m sure.  So much food left over:

The important thing was that I didn’t have to make dinner!

5.)  CAKE:

Okay, no picture of the cake.  I made lemon cupcakes with no icing because that’s what I wanted.  I ate the hell out of them, too, hence no pictures.  This was funny though, and I had to snap this quick photo:

Paw? Hand? Foot?

Milk and oil for the cake.  I guess it wanted to give me a birthday high five?

This birthday will be hard to top.  I can honestly say that I got everything I wanted.  Everything I need is right here.

Reunions And Rekindlings, Part 2




How to get a childhood friend to accept repayment of $5 that you embarrassingly had to borrow while feeling like crawling under a rock and dying.

$5 bill
Ziploc bags in the following sizes: snack, sandwich, quart, gallon; 1 each
24 chocolate chip cookies, homemade preferred

1.)  Insert $5 in snack bag.  Add a note if preferred:

2.) Insert snack bag into sandwich bag along with cookies:

3.)  Insert sandwich bag into quart bag along with cookies:

4.)  Insert quart bag into gallon bag along with cookies:

5.) Sneak bag into target’s luggage.

Now you have successfully repaid your debt and managed to gift cookies as well!  This method can be used to present engagement rings, concert/theater tickets or keys to a new car.  I strongly warn against using this as a way of gifting puppies, kittens, goldfish, etc as this may have unexpected results.  Good luck!

As I may have mentioned, I had an old friend and his family come and visit over the Memorial Day weekend.  I hadn’t seen him in years and our kids got to meet each other and I finally got to meet his wife.  It was fun and relaxing other than this $5 fiasco.  And when I say fiasco, I mean in my own mind.  No one else would think anything of it, but I was mortified.  I shouldn’t have been as I’ve known him since middle school and he’s seen me puke, but I’m a loon.

Their visit was the motivation I needed to clean and paint the common spaces in the house and my craft room where they slept.  More on that to come in a later post, but I was batshit crazy in the days and weeks leading up to their visit trying to get everything done (hence the radio silence).   Good times!