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My Ching Chong


is all up in a tizzy.

I’m not always (or never, I forget) PC.  I think jokes are funny if they’re funny, even if they’re on the offensive side.  It’s when jokes aren’t funny or when they’re in total mean spirit that it becomes cringe-worthy to me.

And then again, there are just ignorant turds that can offend you by being their stupid, oblivious selves:

Not pictured: the 80 million previous comments of culinary terror.

To be fair, this person is completely hopeless based on what I could gleam from her Facebook info.  For instance:

There is no caption necessary.

And yes, I can judge because I know something about her.  I know that she watches that shit on TV.  She doesn’t know anything about me and she especially doesn’t know that there is no Thanksgiving in China.  Or 4th of July.  Do they know it’s Christmastime at all?  Besides, do you have any idea how hard it is to eat turkey with chopsticks?  Not hard at all, actually.

"shanghai, hong hong, egg foo young, fortune cookie always wrong"




As bad as it sounds, I sometimes I forget that I am Asian.  Specifically Chinese and Thai.  I have little to no cultural ties, but some things strike chords so deep within me that I become shocked at my emotional response.

the best meals I’ve eaten remind me of a home I never had

In other news, I made a sinus clearing red thai curry for dinner last night.  It almost made me sweat.  I can’t claim it as the best ever since it didn’t have eggplant or basil, but it was the best all year, since I don’t make damn near enough curry.

Advisory: Will turn you into a fire breathing dragon.

OMG Big News!


Not really, that’s a big lie.  But I do have nerdy news:  I met my first Asian boyfriend today!

We met via Twitter and Think Geek; a good combination.

Here is the actual video.  How many of you clicked the picture above?  I’m such a bitch.  But I won’t tell on you.  

Then I saw this and thought he was freaking adorable:

And *then* I saw this and fell in love: 

Seriously, check him out first hand via Twitter, FacebookTumblr and of course, YouTube.  Technically, he can’t be my boyfriend because the math doesn’t work (half your age +7).  I’m skeezy.