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1.  Technically, wouldn’t it be pronounced “miss-y” and not “misk-y” like I say it in my head?  We don’t say “misk-ellaneous”.

2. I have hilarious friends.  I have never been surrounded by so much dumb-assery as I am now.  Very lucky.

3. This clip never gets old to me.  NEVER.

Sometimes, the kids’ table is happy:

You know, this job isn’t so bad!  Not bad at all!

Other times, kids’ table is really unhappy:

I really should have finished school.

I do not have nearly enough pieces of costume jewelry for the project I’ve not even mentioned:

Sorry, no bananas for scale. Make do with the potato.

So here is the beginning of another project that will probably also get scrapped:

This took longer than it should have.  So much erasey.

I might should buy more vases:

Just for the taste of it!  (out of my garden!)

Sometimes, I am foolishly loved:

Either Miss Creepy loves MMOs or she should learn how to spell. Maybe both.

The Dr. told me that my fat wiener needs to lose weight and suggested a new dog treat.

What is this, a treat for ants? No, it’s for dogs. 30 calories vs. 5 calories. My dog hates me now.

I guess that’s really all that’s going on here.  So, yeah…nothing.

Photo Dump: Blast from the Past Edition, Part 2


Two of my many loves: food and art.  Sometimes good, sometimes bad, but always loved.


Never gets old.

1. Ramen, cooked traditionally and then drained.  Peanut butter, peanuts, green onions, lime juice and cock sauce.   No cilantro or bean sprouts because I didn’t have any that day.


Escargot. No es cargo.

2. My dad grew these monsters in our pond and my…uncle in law?  I guess uncle is the appropriate term.  Anyway, my uncle used to harvest them and sell them to restaurants.  Probably Asian restaurants because I can’t really picture that guy selling snails to some fancy Euro/French restaurants but you never know.




3. Damn, I’m hungry.  I haven’t made egg rolls in years.



Dog in repose.

Sac à dos De l’étage

4.  I used to draw stuff that was identifiable.   Now, not so much.  Mr. Gallo, I miss you and your mustache and Jr. High Art II.     (Those pictures are from high school, and my jr high work was probably superior to that.  I’m the Benjamin Button of art.)



Slow news day


Do you know what this is?

About an hour and a half of work.

We made snakes last week because teacher was tired.  Josh’s snake is the cooler one with all the geometric designs; I colored, glued and cut out Robin’s.

Seriously, about an hour and a half.