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I do exist

Allow myself to introduce…myself:

Okay, so maybe that picture is not of me.  If I do some minor adjustments in Microsoft Paint, I’m sure I can produce a more accurate depiction:

Ahh, yes.  The shorter, wider, more squat version with terrible home-applied hair dye growing out.  Now we’re talking.  This is a bio page, so I should tell you some things about me.  It really is amazing how much of a self important person you have to be to have your own garbage blog site.  On one hand, I am no one.  On the other hand, PAY ATTENTION TO ME FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.

Chukichi is a bastardization of my name and the name Kuchiki from the anime Bleach.  It is not Chukichi from Naruto.  It’s not from the Chukchi people.  choo-kee-chee.  

I’m an old lady, married, two kids, two cats, one dog, and a bunch of aquatic life in a box.  I do old lady things like drink a lot of tea and bird watch from my kitchen window.  I used to work hard for little to moderate money and now I work hard (sometimes) for no money.  I home school because our Lord and Savior Flying Spaghetti Monster demands it.  Or maybe I just don’t like the school district we live in.  Life is surely full of mysteries.

I have lived in The South for my entire adult life, first in Texas and now here in Georgia where I hate it.  It never snows, it’s always too warm, all the plants are trying to kill me from the inside of my lungs and it takes forever to get anywhere.  I complain that I hate it but it’s home now, and I am, if anything, a homebody.  I’m originally from Up North and my first deer-in-headlights moment was in a Texas KFC drive thru when they asked me what kind of gravy I wanted.  They were not used to someone sputtering and stammering “uh…what kinds do you have?”  Brown gravy or white gravy, for the record.  KFC in the North only ever had brown.

I think I’m a pretty well rounded person and no that’s not a fat joke but it should be.  I love science and technology but also am a huge sucker for paranormal and cryptids and UFOs all the weird things out there.  I read a lot and play a lot of video games.  I’d love to travel the world but sleeping in my own bed is pretty awesome, too.  I love tofu and I love a good medium rare steak and I want a simpler society but I also shop on Amazon way too much and would complain to death if I had no internet connection.  I’m not the same person I was 5, 10, 15, 20 years ago, for better or for worse.  I’ve been blogging online for 20 years which amounts to a lot of badly written garbage barfed out into the aether.

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