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Never underestimate

the stupidity of people.  Anywhere.  Anytime. I ordered office supplies from Office Depot on Friday with free delivery on Monday.  Usually, I love, love, love Office Depot–buy $50 worth of stuff and it gets delivered free the next day.  Sweet deal, right?  I’ve been…

Rock //insert myself// Hard Place

I posted a note about this on Facebook but I wanted to expand on it here. Because this is my blog and my place to whine about things. Where to start, where to start? Essentially, Halloween weekend brought about a HUGE family decision: I’m…

Zen and the Art of Murder, part 2

Adding to my stress is the utter chaos in my life. It’s a whirlwind of shit. Hey, everybody, there’s a shit cloud coming! Run for your lives! Anyway, I received this book for Christmas a year or two ago and haven’t cracked it yet….