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Accountants are S-M-R-T


Today, we received our copy of Strategic Finance in the mail:

I’m smart AND strong!

And lo and behold (Lo! Lo I say!) it was suddenly confusing…

Twice as nice. Twice as confusing.

Yeah, for whatever reason, they decided that the End Note was absolutely NOT going to be the end of it, so they doubled the magazine for us. For free. So since this magazine is already free, it was doubly free.

Two for the price of one. And that price is free.

What’s your dysfunction?


I can’t stand to not look at the trainwreck that is Consumption Junction because I’m a child. But, here are two gems that amused me and bewildered me:

Funny hee hee:

Funny like whaaaat?

like a cucumber


Wait, when did they become not cool??