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Hello 1998


Picture it, a one room apartment, 1998. What will complete the decor of the single room that you live out of?

Yes, a Poster.

Yep, thanks to my complete and utter lack of time and energy I have moved my computer from my office to my bedroom. And, to complete the studio apartment/dorm room feel, a Bleach poster. Ahh, now for a bowl of Ramen noodles. Wait, I still eat those. Maybe it is 1998!




I have a very bizarre and moderately real fear of zombies. This quiz doesn’t help.

No excuse


Guess which one represents me:

Reading the last book is NOT the reason I’ve not posted. Really. Because I read the book in two days, and I’ve been slacking for way more than that. In fact I took the day off of work to finish this book.

Okay that’s a lie, I had other stuff to do, but you know I did some serious reading today.