Ironic, don’t you think?

Long story short, I spent more time than I should have at work yesterday gluing Elmer’s head back together. I did not realize until after it was complete that I had used Elmer’s Glue All. Tsk, Tsk, I should be more productive at work when my boss is out with food poisoning.

Happy President’s Day to me!

So I get to work and I found that my address book in my Outlook Express is kaput. No email addresses, no telephone numbers, no addresses. What the fuck??


CRIPES! So I have to work today because I was dumb enough to check in with my boss. Sure enough, she’s lost it completely and I have to go in. I’m already late, but I don’t particularly care. So there goes my shopping all day idea. Rats.

This is a picture from my last trip to St. Louis. Click on it to make it mighty and large. We were stuck in traffic, and I found it terribly amusing and somewhat disturbing that Han’s Wok was right next door to the Cat Clinic.

Yeah, this is a bad joke and I’m Asian which probably makes it doubly bad.