All the Answers

Man, do I like talking about myself or what?  It’s as if someone that publicly blogs all the dumb minutiae of their life is enthralled with hearing about herself.  I’ve been keeping diaries and blogs forever, but this particular one has been ongoing since 2006.  The intention of this blog was originally sharing a random picture a day and then writing about it.  Some time in the last 11 years (oh my god, eleven years, wtf) I have realized that I really do this for myself and I enjoy it.  I’ve discovered the freedom of blogging when I feel like it, not on schedule.  It’s not a job; I have other jobs and this is supposed to be my fun place, my venting place, my accidentally showing the world how stupid I really am place.  Where I can be myself, weirdness and all.

Pretty accurate.

Here are all the details about me, so you can pretend to know me.  You have a computer, I have a computer, it’s like FATE HAS BROUGHT US TOGETHER!  Since I’m so cool, I thought I’d put it in outline form because it’s a lot of garbage to sift through.

I.  Personal

A. Self

1. height: 5’6″ but probably shrinking every day
2. weight: somewhere between my birth weight and fighting weight
3. physical: black hair, brown eyes, dark-ish complexion, Asian
4. other notable: wears glasses and has a ponytail 24-7, no tattoos due to anxiety of buyer’s remorse, owns 3 pairs of shoes:  1 sandal, 1 boot, 1 tennis

B. Family

1. Husband – The Mr.
2. Son – Josh
3. Daughter – Robin

C. Pets

1. Jake – Norwegian Forest Cat mix
2. Magnus Finnegan Chesterfield, III – Maine Coon mix
3. Lots of fish – loaches, tetra, hatchets, etc

D. Employment

1. Mother, wife, home school educator
2. Administrative and social media management
3. Note: both jobs pay shit


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