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I actually have a follow up!


First, I’m sick, and when I’m sick I am COLD.  Cold hands, cold feet, pissier than usual.  I’m wearing LAYERS.  WHAT IN THE ACTUAL GROUCHY FUCK.

Okay, in my previous post On being hungry, I talked about…a lot of horrible crap.  But I found a really important picture:

1998 in my very first apartment

I kept this picture on every fridge I used (I didn’t actually own one until 2003) for years and somehow lost it.  You’d better believe I’m having this re-printed and stuck on the front of my fridge.

In my previous-previous post, How to Buy Friends and Delude Yourself, I talked about being a loser in desperate need of attention.  I did get some validation from the guys at The Cryptonaut Podcast and I’m not going to lie, I might have cried a little bit.  I was just happy to be acknowledged.  It’s right at the beginning, so just listen.

Super great transcription by me:

Mark: Before we get started with this week's episode we got some shout outs to give to some super awesome listeners that sent us some super cool presents. Chu Brown!

Rob: Unfuckingbelievable

Chris: Oh my god.

Mark: Chu Brown with the Kraken Rum

Rob: How could she know?  I mean of course it's a cryptid, it's a cryptid so she's thinking...but little could she imagine that well nigh a decade ago Chris and I one slammed, just annihilated a bottle--I think it was mid afternoon, I think we were sitting at your kitchen island-

Chris: probably

Rob: -working on a screenplay about an anti-Noah's ark as we were wont to do in our misspent youth. And we just polished off an entire bottle of Kraken and I have not had a sip of it since.  It is amongst the favorite things I can ever put in my mouth.

They go on to discuss the how Chu Brown should be a 70’s private eye show and I agree wholeheartedly.  I don’t think I can grow a proper mustache but maybe that can be corrected in make up.  Also, to answer the question of how could she know?  Well…

I really do feel so happy (and relieved) when people like the gifts I give them, but regardless of whether it’s a stranger or a friend I’ve had since grade school or my husband of a million years I’m sure they all secretly hate everything.  That every item or gesture or attempt at doing a nice thing is perceived as me being at best a total fucking idiot.  My rational brain tells me that that’s silly, and that I should trust that if someone says they like their gift that means they actually like it so I will grit my teeth and do my best to believe that.

I really am glad they liked their gift.

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