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Time to play….






So…I’ve been working on a gift for my friend’s unborn child for a while.  And, in true fashion, I started to slack off and let my depression get the better of me.  When I’m depressed I withdraw quite a bit and my hobbies go straight to shit.  This guy has been my friend for a long time though we’ve never met face to face.  We were IRC friends and I met him when he was just a wee lad.  Or teenager, whatever.

Now he’s a full grown adult with a job and a family and I was so excited to make this gift for him and his new baby girl.  Then I selfishly lost my mind, gave up everything I used to love, and took a very expensive and uncomfortable vacation in the loony bin.

Selfish. I meant selfish.

Anyway, I finished the quilt!  I didn’t do a horrible job!  I mean, I messed up here and there, but it’s me we’re talking about.  I made it, I washed it, and I sent it out Priority Mail!  I sent it a few months past her first birthday so I guess it wasn’t there for her birth but it is decent sized.  It should be good through her toddler years and is definitely still usable and she’s not in college yet or anything so it’s still good, right?  Right?!

It’s been over a week since I sent it.  No response.


So, instead of being a level-headed rational adult and asking if he received it, I’m going to assume that he, his girlfriend, and his baby all hate me.  And they’re never talking to me again.  And they hated the quilt.  And they think I’m fat.

Okay, maybe not fat. But they totally HATE ME.

Did they move?  Did someone steal it?  Did the shady postman twirl his evil mustache while he gleefully threw the package out of the truck window?  All of these are perfectly valid and reasonable assumptions, but I’m going to go with the obvious conclusion that nobody likes me, everybody hates me, I think I’ll eat a worm.

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