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Fighting for Charlie


So, in a rare departure from my usual low brow humor and self loathing, I wanted to bring some attention to a GoFundMe that my friend created:  Fighting for Charlie.

I’ve known Julie since Jr. High (middle school for all of you weirdos that don’t call it Jr. High).  Truth be told, I have always been a bit jealous of her.  Okay, that’s a lie.  A lot jealous.  Not like, if I kill you, do I become you jealous, but…the more I try to explain this, the more crazy I sound.  Anyway, I think she’s amazing.  She’s smart and pretty and talented and strong and all those things that you could totally kind of hate about a person if you were a jealous, petty, crazy person.  *ahem*  She’s the kind of person I wish I knew better and the kind of person that you’re pretty sure that her highlight reel on Facebook is pretty darn close to her behind the scenes. She and her family are really one of those “great people”. They have amazing support from their families, friends and entire community.  I’m really proud to say that I (kind of) helped (sort of) get the ball rolling by basically complaining that I wanted to do something but had no idea what to do.  Southern Illinois is far away, and my pennies don’t travel well.  So when the idea of a GoFundMe came up, it seemed like the perfect solution. Please check the link because I’m lazy. Basically, their son Charlie is in need of a Pediatric Hemispherotomy. Big words are generally bad, and then you add “pediatric” to it and it gets downright terrifying. As religious people often say, God only gives you what you can handle.  I can’t handle baking a bad loaf of bread (there was a brioche incident recently, I’d rather not discuss it) so I’m pretty sure that’s why my kids have thus far been healthy.  Because I would handle what the Patricks are going through with the grace of a chicken with its head cut off.

Go give to people who really deserve some relief in their lives.

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