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Yes, yes I am


At breakfast this morning:

Josh:  Mom, if you could fix your leg by eating hummus every day, would you do it?

Me:  Of course I would!  I eat hummus almost every day anyway.  What if you could get super powers but you had to eat hummus EVERY DAY?  Would you do it?

Josh:  *grossed out face*  NO.  But if there are super heroes, there’d be super villains, right?  So I guess I’d just be a super villain.

Me:  No, no, no, it doesn’t work like that.  You’d probably have to eat something to get super villain powers, too.

Josh:  Like what?

Me:  Mmm, like….onion and pepper salad.  Every day!

Josh:  Ew!  Forget it!  I don’t want powers.

Me:  Well, you know I eat hummus almost every day and salad almost every day and I have peppers and onions in it.  And I’m not a super hero or a super villain.

Josh:  So…you’re Deadpool?

Me:  …Yes.


Aaaand that’s how I became Deadpool.

2 thoughts on “Yes, yes I am

    1. chukichi Post author

      He is sweet! I have been keeping up with your adventures, too! Love your videos! I have to get back on tumblr, I feel like I’m missing out on everything :)

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