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Wendy Update


Oh, the joys of this dog!  I love her, I do.  But she’s expensive.  I wondered if maybe I was being overly guilty…I always feel am completely guilty of not doing an adequate job of taking care of Boris. It has been almost two years (that long?) and even as I type this I’m crying.  Is that dumb?  I think that’s dumb.  Long story short, I’m the worst.  I worry that I’m getting all Münchausen by proxy on the dog but I’m really not.  Her seizures are real and her hella expensive bout of FUCKING RINGWORM was real.

The uniform of ringworm.

Luckily, after $110 worth of vet and blood work, her new anti-seizure medication is only about $15 a month.  One and a half pills, twice a day.  So much fun.  Incidentally, I bought some Pill Pockets and they are $9 for 30…so that works out to $18 for a month’s supply.  More expensive than the actual pills?  No thanks.  It’s getting returned.  I am just going to stick with wrapping it in lunchmeat.  I am surprised at the side effects though:

“mood changes, sadness, depression or fear”

She is seriously having emotional problems now.  She is hyper needy, constantly wanting to be on me, next to me.  A few days in, she started barking at night.  She has been crated at night downstairs for quite some time now but she’s never barked.  The first night it happened we were up and down all night until 2 AM.  It had never happened before so I started thinking there was something external that was wrong.  One of my biggest fears is that there’s someone hiding in the house.  This person has somehow broken in and is now laying in wait to murder us all.  It’s not a completely outrageous idea, especially in the Atlanta area.  Her anxiety is at max level at night with all the barking, whining, growling and all around scared behavior.

I spoke to the vet today and they’re calling in another medicine for the dog that shouldn’t cause the same side effects.  The pharmacy has to order it and it’s pretty much the same cost as the first medicine.  Hopefully it will all work out and the new medicine won’t a.) kill her or b.) make her freak out even more.

Unrelated: Jake might have jealousy issues.

Move along. Nothing to see here.

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