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Photo Dump: Thrifty Lit


1.  Not so thrifty:

Fact: not my highest fine from the library.

I also received an email today stating “Our records show at least $50.00 in fines on your account.” and then “Total Due: $24.20”

To be fair, the library is for readin’, not rithmeticin’

2. I drink tea when I read:


I usually get my tea from fatty meats so I have no idea how this tea is trans fat free.  Who knew??

3. Confession:  I never watched Reading Rainbow.  I’M SORRY.

1981, baby.

25 cents each, perfect condition.  It’s missing one of the full Reading Rainbow set.  If I could find Could Be Worse that matched this set that would be fantastic! (No, it’s not on ebay)



Okay, the truth is I am quite patriotic.  You can love your country and still be at odds with those in the position of power.  These are FANTASTIC.  I’m really excited!

5. Punny!

This joke will be lost on the 6 year old.

Seriously, Grapes of Wrath isn’t on the syllabus until 2nd grade.  Pre-multiplication is right on target.  We also got The Hershey’s Kisses Addition Book because chocolate..

6. Reading just for fun is the best:

Strawberry Shortcake, Berenstain Bears, JOKES


The teeth! The mustache!

35 books total at 25 cents a pop.  Not bad!  The best part is that the kids love reading and get ridiculously excited for books.  It’s not outrageous to say we’ve bought hundreds of books from this thrift store both for kids and for adults. I’m glad to pass down my love of books to my kids.

And pizza.  Also my love of pizza.  NOMNOMNOM


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