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So, once upon a time (a couple of months ago or so) I was sitting in bed with the kiddos, watching TV, and playing around on my computer.  I wasn’t even playing Warcraft, believe it or not, when Robin asked me to tell her the story of Arthas.

#nomakeup #nofilter

Luckily for her, I had recently read Rise of the Lich King and Death Knight.  Did I mention that I love my library? They’re the bees’ knees.  Anywho, I go on about Arthas and and his life as a Prince, his horse Invincible, how he tried to save his kingdom, and his eventual fall.  I went on to describe the Scourge and how scary they were when she got really excited because she “she knew this part because it was in a song”.

Oh, really?  What song?

Home on the Range

Oh…*that* song.

Now tell me that’s not the most adorable thing ever.


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