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Off to a good start


Well, I’m a bit over a week into the new year and I have to say I’m not doing too bad.  Still married (1), not dead (2) and my nails are decidedly less vagrant-like (9).  I..uh…ate a banana today, so I’ve got that going for me (21).

I need to add to my list a bit:

Stuff I forgot
36. One recipe a month from The Asian Grandmother’s Cookbook
37. Repair all of the family quilts.
38. Reconstruct the Mr’s quilt (handmade by his grandmother, no pressure)
39. Re stain the deck
40. Earn the Insane and the Beloved titles.
41. Read books out of my comfort zone; challenge my spongy little pea-brain
42. Take more pictures.
43. Take more naps.
44. Make 300/1000 paper cranes.

In other news, Wendy’s seizures have progressed to nearly a daily occurrence.  I am going to have to call around tomorrow for seizure medication.

Sad wiener is sad.

This is seriously stressing me out.  Medicine = Money  I’m sure I’ll post soon about how much medicine is going to cost and bitch a lot and stress and worry.  I’ll also have to update and re-evaluate my list soon.  More tomorrow!

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