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life as a picnic


Since I suck so bad at life and everything in it, read this because it’s amazing. I’m really holding back on all the fan girl crazy right now.

completely cauchy.

I often use text in my quilts as an additional tool for self-expression. Some of these are political commentaries, some are self-reflections on identity, while others challenge our notions of censorship. This one revealed today is all of the above.

Yesterday I reminded you of the series of Who I think you think I am quilts and indicated that this new quilt continues that theme but takes a step away from me to examine a descriptor that is not part of my self-identity. This quilt was inspired by my friend, Steven Ambrose, a PhD student in English in Michigan.

Life as a picnic

Steven and I worked together for more than a year on this idea, as I puzzled my way through formulating my philosophy on usage of this word. This is an unusual collaboration and one of the sort I’d like to pursue again.

We decided to interview each other for this…

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