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Photo Dump: Home School Edition


1. Josh’s first poem:


A cat is in my hat.
The cat took my hat.
I got a bat and then I got my hat.

2. Josh’s first short story:

I’m a severe editor.

A cat was napping under a table.  A dog yelled at the cat.  The black cat ran.  Wendy ran after Jake.  Jake hid under a tree.  Wendy asked Robin where is Jake?  Robin said I don’t know where Jake went.  After Jake climbed down the tree, Jake went in a tent and slept in the tent all day.  Wendy found Jake in the tent.  Wendy slept in the tent, too.

The requirements I gave him: use at least two proper nouns, use adjectives, have a problem and a solution.  I use naps as my solution, too.  He’s currently reading a bunch of age appropriate Star Wars books and Where the Sidewalk Ends.  He’s also a big fan of Frog and Toad and Owl.

3. Comparison:

Day one: Poofy sleeves.

About a month or so later? Still digging poofy sleeves.

4.  Art class:

They asked how to draw cups.  I don’t care if they’re bad, they’re GREAT to little kids, thankyouverymuch.

Josh did a great job! (he gave himself check marks and smiley faces)

Mr. Funy Fase seems a little bit…funny.  Like, stoned funny, not ha-ha funny.

Robin’s cat is way cuter in that not-under-the-influence-way.

5. ‘rithmetic

Fuzzy balls. *snerk*

Addition and rounding, not D&D.  Not…yet.


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