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Eso sí que es.


At least one girl is growing up in this house.  Birthday shopping is done and amazingly, birthday knitting is, too.  Which is saying a lot, since Josh’s birthday socks were something around…4-5 months late?

Generic and short. JUST LIKE ME.

He’s still happy and didn’t care that they were late. He wears them all the time because he’s secretly a really sweet little guy.

Now, Josh is a boy through and through.  When I ask for a picture, he will smile, but he rarely poses unless I ask him to.  In a fighting stance.  But out of nowhere, the girl has decided she likes to stand “the nice way” when I take her picture.  What. The. Hell.

AND she wrote her name on her name tag all by herself.

Seriously? Could she *be* any more girly? How is this girl mine?

The yarn is Yarn Bee in Apple Blossom and it makes for a great, thick sock.  I have it in an apple green and an icy blue which will be some stripey knee high socks for me.  Maybe.  We’ll see.  I like tweedy yarns.  Robin picked the yarn and it is really perfect for her:

Very gated.  I actually unraveled and re-knit after this picture.  1/2 inch length makes a big difference.

Socks for Mary Janes. Cute pattern but not very visible in this yarn. Oops. Click the picture for pattern.

Now, socks are a birthday tradition and doesn’t get counted as a gift.  It’s not a secret and the kids pick their yarn and I regularly fit the socks on them while knitting.  When I saw these ears and tail, I knew she’d love them, so I was eager to get started.  I finished this weekend:

I felt like a super genius when I put the bookshelf on the armoire. Doesn’t take much. Derp.

In case you were wondering, my leg is named Lorraine.  My head sadly has no name.  Right now I’ve got one a Christmas sock done for Josh and a bunch of swatches going.  They might even grow up to be something one day!  Yay!

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