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Update: Nerd Problems


Three days.  That’s all it took.  Three days after I posted my nerd problems, something amazing happened.

For realsies.

My Codex Alera books were available at the library.  Both of them.  Now, after waiting for nearly a month and still being number 2 and 4 in line, I wasn’t holding my breath.  I never read the e-mail notices for pick up because I usually know what I’m getting.  Saturday, I knew I was picking up a few World of Warcraft books (nerd) and maybe I’d find something else fun to read.  I was having an intensely frustrating morning so I seized a rare moment of alone time to peruse books at my leisure.  I had an armload of books and went to find my hold books.  They’re shelved by last name but I couldn’t find the books I was expecting (5 WoW books, ermagerd).

They were on their own shelf.  Along with these:

OH! OH! And Side Jobs was just sitting on the shelf. I hadn’t even bothered to try to reserve it.

I had to put back three or four other books I had just so I could carry away my spoils.  Did you notice anything else about those Codex Alera books?  Like how pretty and unmarred they are?  I wanted to cry.

Brand. Fucking. New.

Ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygod.  They were brand new.  I tweeted my impatience to Jim Butcher because I’m what you call “a crazy person”.  I mean, come on.  There are people out there that are worse fangirls than I am.  And no one really reads that stuff, right?  But in my mind, I picture Jim Butcher stumbling across my tweet, picking up his terribly outdated author’s phone (like the President’s phone, but…for authors.  Shut up.) and ordered more books to be sent to my county library.  Post haste.  That’s how it works, right?  I’m sure it is.

Then, on Sunday, I got another e-mail and definitely read it.


HOLY FUCK IT’S LIKE CHRISTMAS.  I’m picking it up today.  So now here are the books I have on hand:

The Road
The Anthologist
Side Jobs
Academ’s Fury
Cursor’s Fury
Arthas: The Rise of the Lich King
Jaina Proudmoore: Tides of War
The Shattering: Prelude to Cataclysm
Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother

I’ll pick up Death Masks today.  The Tiger Mother book is audio, and I had intended to listen to it while knitting or driving.  The Warcraft books are wholly the fault of Nobbel87 and his lore series.  Those are all the novels my library has, I believe, aside from the graphic novels.  Frustrating that they don’t have all of them.  *sigh*

I”m half way through with Academ’s Fury.  I’m not able to read as much or as quickly as I like because of birthday sock making and football season.  I’ve started on Tides of War and read only a few chapters.  The Anthologist is halfway done, abandoned the second the Codex books were available.  The CD player in my car is not working so I’ll have to listen to Battle Hymn in the house…which is a bit crazy, because house time is book time.  I might have to admit defeat on that one and send it back unlistened.

In other mildly less dorky news, thank god for this slew of books.  The thought of my Dad  has been weighing on me heavily.  I need distractions.  Maybe I’ll discuss it later.  In the mean time:

Smell it. Smelllllll it.

Distractions call.

2 thoughts on “Update: Nerd Problems

  1. qinx

    May I suggest the “Deeds of Paksennarion” series by Elizabeth Moon if you get bored… I pattern My Qinx Character after her! :~) And I throw a couple whacks at Hellscream in your honor!

    Love you


    1. chukichi Post author

      Oh. My. God. You are trying to kill me with books.

      :D I’ll totally put it on my library list, though I am going to have to slow down at some point. I think I should be a responsible adult *sometimes* and actually sleep from time to time :) You’re the best <3 Love to you, too.

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