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Nerd Problems


I thought it would be a good idea to put the next Dresden Files book on hold at the library since I’ve been waiting for almost a month for the next in the Codex Alera series.  This is becoming an exercise in patience:

TEXT FOR ANTS OMG. Just get closer. Closer. CLOSER.

“Position 6” is an annoying and aggravating position to be in.  *ahem*

I’m so impatient.  I stumbled across this at the library today:

30 minutes. With interruptions.

Backup was fun, too short and had interesting details that I haven’t gotten to yet.  I wouldn’t consider any of them true spoilers.  He got a dog?  THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING!  Though sadly, they failed to mention his cat, so I’m a bit worried.

Somewhere out there, there is a nerd in my county bitching about being in position 5.  That is actually comforting to a degree.  A tiny, tiny degree, because that nerd is going to get to read it before I will.  JERK.

Now, if I had all of the books, I wouldn’t have to wait for months to read books that have been out for years.  Christmas is on its way so I’m not overly worried.  In other news, I’ve been reading other stuff.  I wish there was a way to track what I’ve checked out from the library, because I’m in one of those kicks where I read like a madman and then forget the titles or authors.  I need to actually use Goodreads once in a while.

Yay! ( is awesome, click the picture for more!)


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