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Rewind: Summer Vacation


Instead of spewing my annoyance for all the garbage I’m mired in today, I’m going to write my report on “What I Did on My Summer Vacation”.

It was the kids’ first vacation, so they were excited and really and truly had a good time.  I’m the worst about going on vacation because it stresses me out.  I’m a planner, and it annoys me when my greatest laid plans go awry.  One thing I did discover is that I can still parallel park like a CHAMP and I should carry a compass with me no matter where I go.  I’m easily turned around and can walk for blocks before realizing it.  Niiiice.

The pictures I posted earlier were spot on, except the master bedroom did have a king sized bed, not some shitty queen sized bed for ants.   Having 4 bedrooms is crazy pants.  The full kitchen came in handy for not eating out for every meal and there is seriously so. much. room. for. activities.  The best part for me was the little steps to get into the bed.  I’m short and after long, hot days of walking my bum knee was pretty much worthless.  PRO TIP:  Don’t eat chocolate covered pretzels in your vacation bed.  Or any bed for that matter:

That was our tip envelope. We also left them some fancy ice cream in the freezer.

Much like my last vacation to Savannah, I couldn’t get a dolphin picture to save my life.  This was the best I could do:

There were SO many and SO close. I’m the shittiest of the shitty photographers.  I have better Bigfoot pictures than this.

We went with Captain Mike’s this time and saved so much money.  Lower cost and better tour than the one you can get on River Street.  We followed shrimping boats, so the dolphin were plentiful and happy–we even saw babies!   JUMPING DOLPHIN BABIES OMG.  Everyone seems to love the restaurant that’s at the dock, but we went on a shitty day.  As in our waitress was awful (didn’t put our order in, so three tables that were seated after we got food before we did), and the cook was awful (how do you not know how to cook seafood when your restaurant is right on the ocean?)

One nerdy little place that I love is the Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum.  That’s where I bought my copy of Tough Boris last time and this time we picked up a copy of Stories of Mermaids, amongst other goodies.  The best pictures of the kids were taken there:

Nothing I can put here would enhance this picture.


The Pirates’ House was by far the best dining we had on our trip.  It was good food at inflated touristy prices.  Everywhere else was inflated touristy pricing and mediocre food. AND, believe it or not, they had PIRATES:

Pirates? At The Pirate’s House? Get out of the city!

Oh, and the manager in the gift shop recognized my old school Penny Arcade shirt, so +1 for him.   We did other touristy things, but I didn’t get a chance to hit the Moon River Brewery and I had no desire to got over to Paula Deen’s (good food but pricey and annoying hot outdoor waiting).  Oh, and I forgot to share this:

Tiny, tiny adorable crabs!  Seriously, they’re so cute and little.



2 thoughts on “Rewind: Summer Vacation

  1. ladyqinx

    You take the greatest vacations!! Wish I was YOUR kid….

    p.s Just for your own amusement follow the new Webcomic I started on the YM website… That Draenai in the background is you and will play a BIG part in making Iri’s life miserable.. He HE I plan to updtae it once a week to start

  2. chukichi Post author

    We’re into week two of home school. You would change your mind quickly about wanting to be my kid. And a vacation once every 7 years–we are like the cicadas of vacation. It should be good. We’re trying to go to Colonial Williamsburg in the fall to see my old college roommate :)

    The comic is fantastic <3 You're so talented!

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