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47 Days


47 days until The Girl’s birthday.  The Boy’s birthday was in March and I’m still working on his birthday socks because I’m an asshole.  But he loves me and is understanding…but he’s a master guilter:  ‘Mom, look at these (store bought) socks.  They have holes in them already.  I wish I had some good socks…’

Damn, damn, damn.

So, I have been online shopping and found these for Robin:

Start the cosplay NOW.

BUT instead of spending $15, I remembered that I can do stuff like this.  So, yeah.  I’m not always an asshole mom.  And besides, she’s getting an amazing Doc McStuffins doll.  In case you are unfamiliar, Doc McStuffins is a girl AND African-American AND wants to be a doctor like her MOM.  But Wal-Mart wants to make sure you are aware of something:

Where is my 10 foot pole?

Also, you need a comb to perform a thorough check-up.  But don’t worry, this family won’t need the use of a comb. They’re Ideal.  And…glaring:

They’re not for use, just for decoration.

In other news, still waiting for the basement to be fully repaired.  The first week of school went well for Josh (Robin not so much).  I am now going to find a snack as it is just past midnight and I am a Mogwai.  Goodnight!

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