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A Void Dance


I’m not completely sure why I’ve been avoiding my blog for the past few weeks.  Other than the fact that it was my birthday and I hate my birthdays.  And I’ve been kind of busy.  I also decided to give up sleeping for any decent or healthy amount of time.  I have been doing things and I’ll post eventually, but for now, I’ll just leave a few amazing nuggets of wonderful right here:

1.  My dog pooped in my bed, the bedroom floor and the living room floor over the course of three days.  Having a dog with seizures is one thing, but a dog with seizures that’s also an asshole is a completely different thing.

2.  My 6 year old attempted to drink syrup.  Maple syrup, not like, cough syrup or anything awesome like that.  His reasoning was that since he had dipped his waffles in yogurt instead of syrup, he had some syrup left over so why not drink it.  When I told him no, I knew the look in his eyes were of a man whose dreams were just shattered.

3.  I saw a spider outside on the deck next to a spider web and immediately thought “that spider is going to get stuck in that web”.  Yes, I’m a freaking genius.

4.  My mystery pain is still here, still being an asshole.  Comes and goes.  May or may not be related to the fact that just bought 96 cans of Diet Coke.   New health insurance starts up on August 1.

5.  The Mr.’s previous employer retroactively cut off our family’s insurance without notification so we’re on the hook for 2 medical bills that were kicked back for ‘no insurance’.  He actually tried to keep the premiums that were deducted from the paychecks.  Stand up, classy guy.  At least he doesn’t work for him anymore.

6.  Admiral Ackbat

7.  I ran out of thread.

Read this. The book, not the picture.

In other news, if you get a chance, read Americus by MK Reed (author) and Jonathan David Hill (artist).  It’s a quick one; took me about an hour or so, but it’s well written and quickly and easily took me back to my freshman year of high school.   But I wasn’t nearly as cool as anyone in this story -.-  it’s also a reminder that people are insane, to a ridiculous degree.  Glad I picked it up at the library, along with book one of the Codex of Alera.

2 thoughts on “A Void Dance

  1. ladyqinx

    1. Poop happens!
    2. Maple Syrup has become more versatile since the movie “Elf” came out!
    3. You ARE a freaking Genius!! Now get out there and solve the world hunger problem!!
    4. 96 cans of diet coke on the wall… 96 cans of coke.. Take one down… pass it around….
    5. We have a winner for Times Asshole of the year award!
    6. “It’s a trap!!!!” (for bats?)
    7. Item [Mother’s Spellthread] *sew into garments to make you the greatest mom in the world… will not wash out!

    Wishing you a continuous good summer

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