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Extended Whine


This took forever to find in my bucket. And then it wouldn’t load right.

1.  I want to comment on tumblr posts but someone else has the name chukichi and I’m too lazy to come up with anything.

2. I can’t get past level 70 on Candy Fucking Crush Saga.


3.  My sewing machine is not giving me the right tension, no matter what I do.

Well there’s your problem. I actually cleaned it all out and oiled it.

See?  Loosened and tightened and re-threaded and re did everything.  Nothing  helped.  

4.  My lip is chapped for no reason.  So now it’s a constant annoyance.  :S

5. I have either a kidney stone, appendicitis, or really bad cramps.  WebMD says I have cancer and that I died 3 years ago.  My lower back hurts and the pain is in my lower right quadrant.  Low grade fever.  Nausea.  Bitchy level 9,000.

6. I have a safety heating pad that constantly turns off so I don’t set myself on fire.  I hate it.

7.  I can’t get this song out of my head:

Well, would you?

8.  Right this very second I can’t find the remote and I am in pain and lazy so I doubly am not going to get up.

9. I’m an adult and I handle stress by either not eating at all or binge eating and right now I am being a fucking pig.

10. I spent $65 on a vet visit and topical medicine because I was afraid that Wendy had demodetic mange.  Turns out, my dog is just an asshole and has some unidentifiable general skin infection.  So I spend my days rubbing medicine in the dogs armpits.

Would be funnier if I didn’t have to take care of her.

11. I can’t think of a good way to end this post.

This already took too long.

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