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Happy 4th of July


It has been raining and raining and raining.  It reminds me of a verse that I have mis-remembered:  ‘gray day in and gray day out’ but that’s not quite correct so Google is useless.  Suggestions?

In other news, this post gets the most hits on this site, even more than my boyfriend, Tezz Volitov.  So…yay?  At least I’m keeping the public informed about zinc chloride.

I’ve recently gotten some news regarding the mother of a friend of mine.  Cancer-y news.   So that is on my  mind.  Along with other things, of course.  Other news is other news.  We are all doing our best.

Tee Hee

I am also feeling that wonderful sense of impending doom.  That heaviness that only comes with the knowledge of an upcoming birthday.  15 more days and I will be in my mid-thirties as opposed to my early-thirties.  I am feeling pleasant.

Ironically, I hate the Keep Calm posters, too.

But what I really wanted to say, without my usual crappy sarcasm, is to seek your freedom and liberty today.  Personally, socially, etc.  I saw this comic snippet and it made me so happy:

Seeoahtlahmakaskay knows what’s up. Check out <3

Leave it to me to find a bit of knowledge and peace in a comic with a talking raccoon.  So, choose the life you want.  If you don’t like it, change it.  Change the world around you for the better.  Do unto others and all of that business, but remember that you should do unto yourself with the same love and grace.  I forget that, and quite often.

Happy 4th.  Hope you didn’t shoot your eye out, kid.

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